Kamaz 6460 HD v 2.0

– Volvo Dealer
– Realistic sounds
– Fixed physic
– 1 interior
– 1 Chassis
– 3 engines
– 11 gearboxes
– Some tuning
– Real wheels

For v1.27

Lexan, Koral


9 Responses to Kamaz 6460 HD v 2.0

  1. licinio says:

    Pleasse mack a Kamaz_5490 for v1.27

  2. Eason says:

    Very bad truck

  3. Kenseth says:

    please make a Kenworth K370 for 1.27

    • hzhrm6 says:

      No one will help you, you eat a ready-cooked meal clothing to reach the people of this, who will help you, and you should do not let us do model

    • hzhrm6 says:

      No one will satisfy you, who do you see? You’re a slob, you know?

  4. texasman says:

    there was no truck like this…….. 3 achse……

  5. ETS 2 Modları says:



  6. Inferis says:

    it’s a nice truck, could use some work tho.
    1.: Fix that red stuff in the cockpit (I think it’s a model issue)
    2.: some tuning would be cool

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