KAMAZ 6460 TURBO DIESEL V8 V10.10.20 1.38

Changelog v10.10.20
Added animation of retarder switch,
Steering wheel adjustment made
Fix from the archive to put above the truck

Changelog v04.10.20
Made animation of opening the glass but only on the left side
Added lights to the rear bumper,
All arrows work on the dashboard
Removed defect with mirrors

Changelog v28.07.20
Added engines from 360 hp to 500 hp, 10 and 5-speed gearboxes,
Added a salon with a steering wheel on the right side,
Removable rear bumper

Changelog v14.07.20
More animations added, now there is a working gear knob,
Three gas pedals, brake and clutch workers,
Differential lock button, high and low beam switch
The GPS screen has been moved so that the animation buttons are not obstructed,
Added vinyls on the sides and hood stickers

Changelog v28.06.20
The left mirror is fixed,
cables are replaced by suitable ones
the steering wheel is fixed (now from the outside you will see how the driver will turn it)
Cabin physics fixed

Changelog v27.01.20
Changed the camera from the cab,
Slightly changed engine sounds to more suitable
Added to agency orders

Changes v04.09.19:
in this update
cables for trailers added
Added three modes for wipers,
raindrops didn’t fall on the door glass; I fixed this error; now raindrops are dripping on the glass.

– Standalone
– Dealer Volvo
– 1 Cabin
– Its interior
– Advanced tuning
– Mettalik paint support
– Its Sound

Koral, Lexan, funyash



4 thoughts on “KAMAZ 6460 TURBO DIESEL V8 V10.10.20 1.38

  1. Wow nice

  2. how can i git this mod ?
    when i need the link >>>>
    This direct link will be available for your IP next 8 hours

  3. HardGames323

    Doesn’t work for me

  4. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – KAMAZ 6460 Turbo Diesel v8 [1.38]

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