KamAZ 6460


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Fully independent model. Purchased Volvo dealership. Has your vehicle, your wheels, soybean sounds.

Version: 1.16 s



16 thoughts on “KamAZ 6460

    1. Sorry that’s the right video http://youtu.be/sq38mMEqXc4

    2. Sorry that’s the right video http://youtu.be/sq38mMEqXc4

  1. Я же его и слил

    1. Красавец!!! А я вот печальная жаба… (((

  2. very nice map and kamaz

  3. bymetin44

    Very Nice,Thank You 🙂

  4. the name of this card ?

  5. @dr_jaymz

    same old mod with a new set of wheels…

    1. A High Hamster

      actually this version is the private version that comes with gobas map when you buy it off of him

  6. The WinRar file is corrupted

  7. Great Truck!Nice Job Koral!

  8. can play with 1.15.*?

  9. where i buy it ? when i have instaled ?

  10. Soy bean sounds, nice!
    Another kamaz.same old. Where is the dash comp from?

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