Kamaz 65207 with Trailer by Nikola

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Standalone truck find in Mercedes dealer.

-1 cabin;
-1 6×4 chassis;
-own interior with interior light;
-own dashboard computer with CB-radio player;
-own wheels;
-paintable with metallic colors, scinnamble;
-template & skin-pack included;
-own original Engine Voice Records sounds;
-3 axle grain trailer with Dolly 3D-model V.Rusakov;
-own flarepack;
-support advanced coupling and has own animated trailer cables;

Game version 1.36.xx Clear log without errors & bugs!
SISL’s Pack compatibility add-on included.

Mod prodused Nikola_Donbass with official permission author 3D-model NEO Max Dmitriev! Great thanks!

If you wont share this mod in other website save authors link please!

Good game!!! 🙂

Nikola_Donbass, Max Dmitriev, Valeriy Rusakov, jon-ruda(animation)


15 thoughts on “Kamaz 65207 with Trailer by Nikola

  1. Very successful model. Sounds alright, wipers alright and bonus in the form of Russian radio CB is very cool. Thank you very much and send a greeting from Slovakia.

    1. Nikola_Donbass

      Thank you too, glad I liked it! Use with pleasure!

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36…

    1. Nikola_Donbass

      Thanks my friend! I’m glad to see you!

    1. Nikola_Donbass

      Спасибо за обзор!

  3. Very Well

    It is activated, and green in MOD menu but cant find it in Mercedes dealer. How to buy this truck?

    1. Nikola_Donbass

      Watch the first video review

  4. password for kamaz please i would like only Def lights file

    1. Nikola_Donbass

      This mod does not have a password, it is blocked

  5. Rorschach

    Hello, I’d like to ask you about your Mercedes-Benz MP2. You’re planning to update this mod? I’m asking because I was very pleased with him and I regret that he’s not active.
    Thank you for your answer. Good job!

    1. Nikola_Donbass

      Good afternoon! Thank you for rating! I’m interested in your mod, I continue to support it. It was rebuilt anew, almost from scratch using new models. Now this is a private mod, soon on the bloggers reviews there will be a promotional video of the new MP2

  6. jabol4d_qcrew

    Hello, Nikola_Donbass or is there at least a shadow of a chance to return to modification for a Mercedes MP2. There’s a group of us who care a lot about this modification.

    1. Nikola_Donbass

      Good afternoon! Yes, the mod is alive and will continue to live on. Very soon, a new MP2 promo video will be released

  7. Планируется ли обновление мода под 1.37?

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