Kamaz 8×1

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many kinds of chassis
many types of cabins
their sounds
its own physics
Volvo dealer



9 thoughts on “Kamaz 8×1

  1. Fake! Author drink diesel!

  2. NOT fake. Either enjoy my mod or move on.

    1. Cam3ronPenguin

      This is completely fake

  3. Black&Jack

    Koral is a fake #######!!

  4. Sinoptik75rus

    По ссылке качается КаМаЗ от Lacoste36. При чём здесь Koral?
    The link swinging KAMAZ from Lacoste36. What does Koral?

  5. Fake is the koral!!!

  6. Look, I don’t care if the truck has any errors or not. I created this just to appease you people, but, guess some people aren’t always satisfied…

  7. jup is a fake not Monster chassis in or other!!!!!!!!

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