Kamaz Megamod V1.26 Fixed

kamaz-megamod-1 kamaz-megamod-2 kamaz-megamod-3

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– Cabs (several generations of KAMAZ)
– 8 chassis.
– 7 engines (some of KAMAZ, Cummins)
– Standalone.
– Lightmask.
– Interior.
– Animations.
– Many skins and paint layers.
– Many configuration items (skins, trim, interior tuning, wheels, add-ons for the cab to the chassis add-ons)
– Support for DLC Accessories Salon.
– Sounds.
– And much more.

– Sold the dealer – Volvo.

Authors: Koral, Kamazist, Danex Bug fixes and add the missing files: groningen263



7 thoughts on “Kamaz Megamod V1.26 Fixed

  1. read opinions of users on other websites! ((( impostor263

  2. Старая версия 2015 года ???

  3. сергей


  4. KamAZ truck Pack v4.0 .Please can add those mod too in pack thanks

  5. как скачать мод

  6. коннор

    commenting rules

  7. When+will+1.27+compatibility+come+out?

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