Kamaz Monster 8×8 Chassis [1.27.x]

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Find in Volvo Dealer

* The Truck is completely reanimated
* Small errors are found and corrected
* Fixed crash out of the game when trying to buy a Truck in the Cabin
* Mistakes in the ravine are corrected
* Wheels are reanimated
* Added in Company
* Added in Desktop

Tested versions:, 1.26.6s, 1.25.3s

Credits: Koral, Anatoliy7469, groningen263, updated: Kamazist_1980



3 thoughts on “Kamaz Monster 8×8 Chassis [1.27.x]

  1. video ^_^ youtu.be/BU49T3-Rnn4

  2. ahora si sacan este camion para la version 1.27, y para la 1.26 cuando, no sean pendejos

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