Kamaz Monster 8×8 V1.0


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Kamaz Monster
2 files – truck + wheels
Chassi 8×8 and 6×6
3 engine
11 transmision
1 cabin
2 wheeis + defolt
DLC accessory (It does not work without DLС)
Version 1.22
It has minor bugs to be eliminated

Anatoliy7469, unk

DOWNLOAD 149 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 149 MB [Uploadfiles]



9 thoughts on “Kamaz Monster 8×8 V1.0

  1. nerowskyyMonster

    Video Test

  2. Это модель Самосвала: КАМАZ 6540-А4
    Пор крайней мере на неё он намного больше похож.
    It is a model dump: KAMAZ 6540-A4
    Por at least it is much more like it.

  3. Space Cam

    the gravel should be optional, and whats with the symbol replacing the accessories. why should i be driving up and down with gravels or chips which ever it is up and down in the truck….. come dude get rid of the load in the body. it is a nice truck but dont like load that comes with it, let me repeat make the load optional.

  4. Основа мода: DAF Crawler & High Lift, который прекрасно работает на версии 1.22.х, без ошибок в логе.
    Выложенная здесь “модель” не имеет ничего общего с действительным: Kamaz Monster
    The basis of fashion: DAF Crawler & High Lift, which works fine on version 1.22.h no errors in the log.
    “Model” Laid here has nothing to do with the real: Kamaz Monster


  5. Works in 1.21?

  6. tarek1508

    GOOD JOB!!! Can you do an IVECO astra or Trakker like this truck with 8×6 chassis??

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