Kamaz Polarnik

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– Standalone;
– Dealer DAF;
– 1 cabin (originally the cockpit will be raised in the form of changing the tuning) ;
– 5 chassis options (including tandem);
– 6 engines;
– 2 transmission options;
– Your sounds;
– 2 versions of interior (different color trim);
– Their skins;
– A lot of tuning;
– Its wheels (several options);
– Interior tuning (support DLC Cabin Accessories).



7 thoughts on “Kamaz Polarnik

  1. RiflerGamer

    Test video 1.30:

  2. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. bad,video!

      1. hzhrm6, cry us a river and leave the mod sites.

        BTW, hackers already got your IP address, only a matter of time too.

        1. The 2nd Video is very bad !! Did you look at it ??

          1. Do we honestly care? Would you upload a video of your own and show it to everyone? If you can’t, then it shows that you clearly lack any talent, kid.

  3. Jan Rippl

    Mod crashe a game… Modified KamazMTG mod

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