Kantai Collection paint job for RJL’s Scania


This mod adds a paint job to RJL’s Scania EXC Longline cabin, there’s also a trailer as a separate mod (named KanColle Trailer.scs), install that one at your own will.

Kantai Collection is a popular (likely) Japanese web game hosted by DMM.com, developed by Kadokawa Games Ltd.

Tony Fang (Shigure89)


7 thoughts on “Kantai Collection paint job for RJL’s Scania

  1. I like it when the mods I wanted arrived just when I need one

  2. Shigure89

    Updated with icons and information in Mod Manager, the paint job remains unchanged.


    1. Can you do one for Scania T?

      1. Shigure89

        I’ll try, but since I’m not a fan of that “stretched” Scania, I can’t guarantee there will be a release.

  3. Asphroxia

    Trailer isnt working for me :/ tried it on 3 different profiles

    1. Asphroxia

      Nevermind… after restarting my client serveral times it magically worked..

  4. why not make for topline normal cab
    extended cab looks kinda ugly

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