KAROSA 95X PACK V1.0.12.41 1.40-1.41

This is a fully drivable port of Karosa B951/2(E) and C954(E) originally made by marty515 and Daniel94 for OMSI2.
Works under both DX11 and OpenGL. Does not appear in AI. Other variants (eg. Axer) were scrapped due to a lack of time.

Etrusan, domcek


2 thoughts on “KAROSA 95X PACK V1.0.12.41 1.40-1.41

  1. gamerbunker

    HD Test 🤩 :


    – Anim doors + sound effect
    – interior high quality
    – Awesome Sound
    – more…

  2. HD Test LOL … that video is everything but HD…

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