Karosa 95x Pack v1.0.15 – ETS2 1.42,1.43

Karosa bus 95 envelope from the game OMSI2

The mod consists of four buses.
2 cab
1 chassis
Your wheels
Your interior (3 options)
Your sound
Various tuning

Update v1.0.5.39 15.12.20:
– Bugs fixed
– Added Accessories and other parts

This is a fully drivable port of Karosa B951/2(E) and C954(E) originally made by marty515 and Daniel94 for OMSI2.
Minimal required ETS2 version to get support is 1.42 AND 1.43
Works under both DX11 and OpenGL. Does not appear in AI. Other variants (eg. Axer) were scrapped due to a lack of time.



One thought on “Karosa 95x Pack v1.0.15 – ETS2 1.42,1.43

  1. Super mod! Som s nim mega spokojny. Este by ste mohli urobit nejaku zajazdovu karosu (axer alebo lc956). To by bol brutus!

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