Kassbohrer Kişisel dorse mod edit (1.40 1.39 1.38)

– Animasyonlu Dorse Dingili
– Boyanabilir
– Kassbohrer Skin
– Led, Paspas ve arkada Türk bayrağı

Dorse 1.38 1.39 1.40 da ÇALIŞMAKTADIR.
İyi Oyunlar

– Trailer axle animation
– Can be dyed
– Kassbohrer Skin
– Led, Mat and Turkish flag on back

Trailer WORKS at 1.38 1.39 1.40.
Good Games

Dorse Yapımcısı: Maxim Bednov

Dorse Edit :
Stance Garage
Selçuk UYGUR


2 thoughts on “Kassbohrer Kişisel dorse mod edit (1.40 1.39 1.38)

  1. This mod base TRADE OF TRUCKS !!! you are a thief, dishonest

    1. AvM Transport

      & you think “Trade of Trucks” have a license to sell trademarks?

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