Kelsa Addon Packs v1.3

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Changelog v1.3
Added hibar, minibar, multibar, lobar for man tgx, added multibar,
Added black bar for actros mp4, Volvo FH16 2012

Changes ver1.2:
Added support Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4

Changes ver1.1.2:
daf 105/106 hibar+viserbar slot position fix

Changes ver1.1:
added hibar, visorbar, minibar for volvo fh3

Changes ver1.0.9:
Correction of slot position for daf Hiber, change of designation name for volvo b_grill and f_grill

Changes ver1.0.8:
Fixed the slot position in the sidebar of scania ng

Chengelog v1.07
Fixed Slots Position for Scania 2016

Chengelog v1.06
Added Kelsa accessories for Scania R/Streamline/RJL

Chengelog v1.05
Added Kelsa accessories for Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3

Chengelog v1.04
Added Kelsa accessories for DAF XF 105/106

Chengelog v1.03
Added lobar for r2009/streamline/rjl

Chengelog v1.02
Fixed LED panel

Changes v1.0.1
Fixed bug frontgrill for Scania 2016
The mod adds to the game new Kelsa accessories for trucks.

Protection of bumper

Supported trucks:
Scania 2016
Scania R & Streamline
Scania R & Streamline от RJL
Volvo FH16 2012
DAF XF 105
DAF XF Euro6
Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3
Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4



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