Kelsa Lobar and Sidebar for SCS Scania 2016

3 types of Lobar and Sidebar pack.
– Alumi
– Painted
– Chrome

For sidebar, you have to equip with sideskirt.

Test version
– v1.30 Beta

Please don’t re-upload.



6 thoughts on “Kelsa Lobar and Sidebar for SCS Scania 2016

  1. Good job. Thank you very much.

  2. tunning6000

    amazing job,thanks

  3. SirBlackyAlot

    Can you add a painted Kelsa Hibar aswell awsome mod ty

  4. not work in 6×4
    S series

  5. iTzSplashed

    Can i share my rewritten version of this mod to someone, if i give the credit that the original mod is made by you? 🙂

    1. iTzSplashed

      Because i local modded this very awesome mod into the multiplayer of ets2 x) Fits very great to my Truck! 🙂

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