Kendi Yapimim Olan Harita Map


Author: unknown


19 Responses to Kendi Yapimim Olan Harita Map

  1. aryoputra says:

    really-really good mod 🙂
    thanks to author 🙂

  2. testing says:

    what kind of map it was ?

  3. MrMehh says:

    For some reason it makes all my jobs in freight market & quick jobs disappear. I found a fix on a forum but you gotta uninstall the mod and forward the time. But now I can’t really use the mod

    • Seong says:

      Can you tell me howe you fixed the problem?
      I’m having the same problem too and I cannot find a way to fix it.

  4. Allan says:

    the mod did´t work for me :/

  5. jim says:

    map will not load from metz but will from dejon to paris with short trip. road from dejon to paris intersection is blocked by barrier. computer stops on road from mets to dejon. mod is faulty. fix it please

  6. San says:

    For some reason I can’t get access to this map, I have nothing else installed and when I get to the part of the route where it starts it is a closed road and i can’t get through..

  7. fuzionz says:

    this dont work i did a new game and only used this mod the game will not load up take this mod out and the game will load up v1.25.1 plz fix

    • fuzionz says:

      ok i got this working dont start a new game if u dont have a map mod just put it in your mods and start your game if u do have a map mod like i do then take it out and start a new game then save your new game and then put this map in the mod folder then start your game this works for me

      • fuzionz says:

        ok this dose work put the road thats on the map u can not go down there is a no entry that u can not go down the road plz fix

  8. wheeleroneleg says:

    road blocked by barrier on paris end, stops game running from mets to intersection on mets end game needs work

  9. aryoputra says:

    if you have TRUCKSIM MAP 1.5, delete that map.
    if you use mod trucksim, it would crash and

  10. axmed says:

    не работает

  11. aryoputra says:

    this mod crash when i walk in metz 🙁

  12. fuzionz says:

    is this going to be fix if not plz remove it

  13. Seong says:

    Well, the route seems to be shown up properly in the world map, however when i drive near to the start of the route, ETS fails. The systems shuts down when I cross about half way to the road.

  14. fuzionzv6 says:

    so this is not fix wow plz remove it

  15. infobulle says:

    Bug 1.3.1s

  16. andres says:

    sirve para 1.3.1

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