Kenworth K-100 v 1.5

kenwort-k-100-1 kenwort-k-100-2 kenwort-k-100-3 kenwort-k-100-4

Tested: 1.3.1
Replace Mercedes Truck


Author 3D model: Ivan and Ols
Author envelope in ETS-2: AU44
Author Salon: Oleg_Conte, darklorrd
Animation: Stas556, Oleg_Conte


21 thoughts on “Kenworth K-100 v 1.5

  1. Don’t work by me 1.3.1

  2. Is this a update ?

  3. Works fine for me. Thank you.

  4. works fine!

    Very good job!!

  5. i can’t find it on Mercy Dealer, is it works ?

  6. How about a black interior with black wheel 🙂
    Great Truck BTW

  7. Awesome, been waiting for someone to do one of these! As fun as the Pete 379 and KW 900L and stuff are, they really don’t fit on European roads, while the cabovers are ideal, and I’ve always liked the K100, had those in ALH and Haulin’ quite a lot.

    2 negative comments (if the developers see this?)

    * 1 minor fault, the wiper sounds are (I guess) the original merc ones, and they don’t match the speed of the wiper (the wiper could do with being slower anyhow 🙂 )

    * on a personal note, I hate password-protected mods – 2 reasons: firstly, if it doesn’t happen to work with my other mods, there’s no way I can fix it, I’ve had several nice trucks that I couldn’t use for this reason although this one works fine. Secondly, I might like to add other engines or stuff like that just for my personal use, and I can’t.

    1. Good Post Llewelyn locked does #### if it wont work with other mods, But the builders did a great job!
      I still want a different interior LOL

  8. mohl by nekdo udelat aby se dal ten Kenworth K-100
    tunit je to takovy prazdny nema ani pridavna svetla vepredu ani predni ram udelejte nekdo stim neco jinac je hesky ten tahac

  9. David King

    Wonderful truck but if you are going to use this truck would advise you take out any other trucks like the pete etc. for this mod conflicts and crashes game as long as other folders of trucks are in mod folder. Have used this truck with other mods just fine.

  10. Hes got the best looking KW in the Game.
    The outside is “wonderful”
    But man please fix the inside????

  11. How do you get it into 13th and 14th gear?

  12. it works but i wanna change where i can buy it whats the password for the rar?

  13. It Doesnt work
    Please make auto installer, cause this sucks. Yeah i did the Things on the acc which you have to change. And why does it come in rar and not in SCS.?

    1. No autoinstallers for ETS2

      Just extract (unpack) the .rar to the mod folder, enable the mod ingame and go.

  14. Dat is jammer want da werk nie

  15. could really use the password so I can add my own engines, transmissions and skins

    1. Hey thanks a lot TFM

  16. i was wondering if anyone knows if this truck will work if i have the peterbilt 379 and kenworth w900l trucks installed. all my drivers drive the peterbilts. so i really need to make sure they wont conflict. but id love the 750 hp of this truck.

  17. luandelimamotta

    mipasa o k100

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