Kenworth K-100

kenwort-k-100-1 kenwort-k-100-2 kenwort-k-100-3 kenwort-k-100-4

Tested: 1.3.1


Author 3D model: Ivan and Ols
Author envelope in ETS-2: AU44
Author Salon: Oleg_Conte, darklorrd
Animation: Stas556, Oleg_Conte


45 Responses to Kenworth K-100

  1. Richard says:

    Ugly…. Ain’t exaggerating much especially the interior colours… Gonna have to be summat special to take me away from the big kenworth truck

  2. Hyper-DK says:

    which truck dealer?

  3. Hyper-DK says:

    OK i found out it is Mercedes Truck Dealer!

  4. Johnny says:

    YOU SIR ARE A LGEND !!!! Thank you thank you very much

  5. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Richard is right! It’s not the great quality truck,
    for this i will not give up the Pete’s and Kenny W900
    Hopefully the short version of the W900 will come 1 day
    and i am stiil dreaming of a great VNL

    BTW Lag of informtion where You can buy the truck,



    • DAYZU says:

      Don’t count on anymore updates for the W900L. Aiightis deleted his account on truckpol forum because of fu*kwit admin there, “Southbound”.

      So everyone who was waiting for updates on that truck, thank Southbound @ for fu*king it up for everyone!!!

      • Freddy Jimmink says:

        if i was Aiightis, i will not stop, i was in the same siuation, and some site’s banned me but i went on and found my way, so Aiightis if You read this come and join us at ouur facebook page, You’re more than welcome there and we give You Your own spot where Yo can show your work,

        And i am confinced taht will support You,

        Link; is at several of my skins and please everyone is welcome,


        Freddy Jimmink

        • DAYZU says:

          Yes, I hope he is not discouraged and continues doing his great work. Aiightis not only shares his wonderful mods but also is willing to help people with any questions or problems they have.

          Hopefully aiightis will continue developing the W900L and share it with us here or on his youtube page

  6. JOHNNY says:


  7. Bernie says:

    I like this truck. Thanks a lot. It´s good looking, every detail works, no log error. What more ?

    • revas says:

      how can i get a kenworth truck in the ets2 game i can seems to find it

  8. viper21 says:

    I agree with Bernie. Is a wonderful truck! I love-it! No crash, looks very cool and very important is working! Thanks allot guys!

  9. vboba89 says:

    Me, this truck will not work on 1.3.1s when I try to buy it kick me out of the game.

    • viper21 says:

      interfere with some mod you have. what you use?

      • vboba89 says:

        I threw out all the mod folder and put a truck but still just throws me out of the games that year truck to get??? A truck I really like it and think it is the best that has been made.

        • viper21 says:

          try to write on game shortcut on proprieties then target “\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\eurotrucks2.exe” -mm_pool_size 400
          i have 4 gb of ram and work great…good luck!

          • vboba89 says:

            I tried to do what you told me to get in the game and when I select city from which I will be going there my game freezes I have 3GB of DDR2 RAM.

          • viper21 says:

            you write in shortcut what i told you? write “-mm_pool_size 300” in that line, put then tsm map 2.2 and Kenworth K-100 mod and start a new carrier. try it.

          • vboba89 says:

            Is it just has to tsm 2.2? Are TSM 1.5 can?

          • viper21 says:

            i don’t know… i use TSM 2.2 map and 1.3.1s version of game. if you have another version of map and game, i don’t guarantee is working.

  10. Hotaru says:

    No problems for me on 1.3.1, just a fab ride in a piece of Americana…. just wish the engine sound had more grunt

  11. vboba89 says:

    It seems that I reduced some bad luck in whatever truck I like it does not work, I do not understand why, and this truck is beautiful and I can not drive it.

  12. Richard says:

    Looks like a pile of dog poo… Other than that it crashed when go to garage to look at it just for sake of it..

  13. Bart says:

    The K100, my favourite USA truck. But modders need to stop putting fixed accessories on their trucks.

  14. DAYZU says:

    Bonneted kenworth and now a COE K100. Goodbye crappy euro trucks forever!!

    • Bart says:

      So, you thought “I hate those crappy Euro trucks, so lets by Euro Truck Simulator!” ?

      • DAYZU says:

        No, I thought “let’s buy Euro Truck Simulator 2, I hate those crappy Euro trucks but people will eventually make decent trucks for it that I enjoy driving in real life”

        Nice try though, stay in school 🙂

  15. ollez says:

    Love this tractor! is there any chance to get it without the roofspoiler?!Great work!dont let anyone tell u anything else!!! cant wait for classic skins!

  16. Sharp Chronisch says:

    lol..the starting animation is awesome, and a moving pennant at the windscreen. Wasn’t impressed at first, but then i found this vid and tested it.

    with a fine soundmod and a physics one it is very nice indeed.

  17. Altan says:

    APPCRASH ERRORR!! My game version 1.2.5.
    click to mercedes dealer and game stopped working . Help me pleasee !!

  18. Flemming Andersen says:

    I have downloadet this mod…but i cant find it – i look on youtube and find one WHO buy it at majestic ( Mercedes ) in Rotterdam, but it is not there in my game, why??

  19. jimmy says:

    Mate , great looking truck don’t listen to the baggers they cant even bother to get there games running solid before they mod. Fantastic job on this classic, dont suppose you could come up with an ” Aerodyne ” roof version of this truck ?
    Top job , well done looks fantastic

  20. StigCnM says:

    Great Model,My only complaint is the animated hands and the flag but other than that this is a awesome truck.

  21. StigCnM says:

    Great Model,My only complaint is the animated hands and the flag but other than that this is a awesome model.

  22. StigCnM says:

    Sorry Double post.

  23. fredd says:

    Why doesn’t any mod work for me in patch 1.3.1? I do exactly the same thing with the older patches and its work. I put the mods into mod map in euro trcuk simulator 2 map.. plx help !

    • Per_DK says:

      Hi Fredd, remember to activate your mods when you use patch 1.3.1, to do that you have to edit your profile in the game, and when you are in that “menu” you can activate all your mods there, just take one at the time because it´s not all mods there is working in that patch 🙂
      Greets Per

  24. fredd says:

    Thanks Per! You are fantastic! Works great!!! Are you from Sweden? 😀

  25. Willers says:

    I love this truck and agree with bernie.
    works perfect.
    tsm 2.2 and different other truck and tuning mods
    on version 1.3.1…
    stop hatin´

  26. Willers says:

    well…there is a lil damage problem with coolers

  27. Mevin says:

    … mod doesnt work… Sadly

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