Kenworth K100 ETS 1.26

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The truck is acquired at Daf dealerships.

– Completely completely independent, not replace.
– New sounds Reworked by Maxagent
– GPS backlight activated.
– New elements for interior decoration of the truck.
– 20 Different custom paints.
– 6 gearboxes different from:
6, 10, 10, 13, 13, and 18 speeds.
– 8 different motors with these powers:
1 from 350 hp
2 of 400 hp
1 of 450 HP
1 of 475 CV
1 of 500 CV
1 of 575 CV
1 of 600 hp

Clean log game

Tested in version:

It works with the following previous versions: 1.19.x, 1.20.x, 1.21.x, 1.22.x, 1.23.x, 1.24.x, 1.25.x.

Ivan, Ols, AU44, Oleg_Conte, Darklorrd, Rus47tam, V4sil3, BoomStas556, Dmitry68, SCS, Henki73, Waggi74, Pauke2004, Vitalik062, Scaniamatteo.
Skins by: Skiner, Pauly, Richthofen20, BrianC, Darkside220, [JNR-SNR] Senior, Bobbo662), Andybb3, Jet, Rondo.
Interior textures by RouDou.
NEW Sounds REWORKED by Maxagent.

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11 thoughts on “Kenworth K100 ETS 1.26

  1. Kennyk108

    good to see that this truck is back

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  3. HD Video Test 1.26…

  4. nice mod !

    just bug textures in the cabin !

    but, is a good mod !

    sorry, i’m french

  5. The Evil Gregor

    Where are his own wheels?

    1. download also K200 mod and you got kenworth wheels that you could mount on K100 too 😉

  6. Waiting for ats one.

  7. good except the steering wheel which I don’t like. quite similar to K200 but with less tuning options.

  8. Ken Salmon

    I’m glad that this truck is back, but I prefer the older engine sound with the turbo (with that high whistle sound) as you drive… could you possibly add one with the older engine sound?

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