Kenworth K100 Long Frame

Kenworth K100 (1) Kenworth K100 (3) Kenworth K100 (2)

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– Standalone Truck
– Buy in salons DAF
– The machine has a tuning their own engines, gearbox and sounds
– Spelled out in the company

The author of the original truck for PTTM: laza-truck. The author of the original interior for PTTM: laza-truck. Author envelope ETS-2: Stas556, dmitry68. Remaking salon: Oleg_Conte, Stas556, dmitry68. Animation: Stas556, Oleg_Conte. Global Residence permit: Mishanka (Mishanka). Help in 3ds Max: Smith. Sounds: kriechbaum
Edit: Geovane Rocha

DOWNLOAD 73 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 73 MB [Uploadfiles]

18 thoughts on “Kenworth K100 Long Frame

  1. gokussaiyan3

    will this mod work for 1.18

  2. poor K100, Geovane Rocha #####, this is horror (((

  3. sanwlaram

    Watch Here
    kenworth 100 LongLine Falling

  4. it’s so looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

  5. Ну и нахер он нужен такой!!!

  6. ###? 😀 😀

  7. ShuqGrind

    Get rid of that ###### co-driver and the hands-on steering. It looks ugly!

  8. this is crazy………..

  9. Здорово! А салон надо менять,кардинально,это отстой.

  10. I wonder one thing. Does this Kenworth exist in real life?

  11. Donetskguerrillas

    Remove this disgrace.

  12. This version of Kenworth looks REALLY great in real life, so I do not understand the “Remove this… it is a disgrace…” kind of comments. It’s just plain hating. Uncool guys

    Here’s the real thing for y’all haters:

  13. Polnoe dermo.

  14. Joe Shmoe

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for this truck for forever :D. It could use some work, but great start so far.

  15. This truck is screaming for help, and the sound is bad.

  16. ted hegner

    to bad you cant go in the back it’s a one time drive and dump sorry i like the sleepers working

  17. J’aime cet camion

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