Kenworth K100 Long Frame

Kenworth K100 (1) Kenworth K100 (3) Kenworth K100 (2)

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– Standalone Truck
– Buy in salons DAF
– The machine has a tuning their own engines, gearbox and sounds
– Spelled out in the company

The author of the original truck for PTTM: laza-truck. The author of the original interior for PTTM: laza-truck. Author envelope ETS-2: Stas556, dmitry68. Remaking salon: Oleg_Conte, Stas556, dmitry68. Animation: Stas556, Oleg_Conte. Global Residence permit: Mishanka (Mishanka). Help in 3ds Max: Smith. Sounds: kriechbaum
Edit: Geovane Rocha

DOWNLOAD 73 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 73 MB [Uploadfiles]

18 Responses to Kenworth K100 Long Frame

  1. gokussaiyan3 says:

    will this mod work for 1.18

  2. Mihail says:

    poor K100, Geovane Rocha #####, this is horror (((

  3. sanwlaram says:

    Watch Here
    kenworth 100 LongLine Falling

  4. nmgsyp says:

    it’s so looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

  5. MAKO76 says:

    Ну и нахер он нужен такой!!!

  6. maddison says:

    WTF? 😀 😀

  7. ShuqGrind says:

    Get rid of that stupid co-driver and the hands-on steering. It looks ugly!

  8. kent76 says:

    this is crazy………..

  9. aleksey says:

    Здорово! А салон надо менять,кардинально,это отстой.

  10. ETS2fan says:

    I wonder one thing. Does this Kenworth exist in real life?

  11. Donetskguerrillas says:

    Remove this disgrace.

  12. Hppns says:

    This version of Kenworth looks REALLY great in real life, so I do not understand the “Remove this… it is a disgrace…” kind of comments. It’s just plain hating. Uncool guys

    Here’s the real thing for y’all haters:

  13. serjoga says:

    Polnoe dermo.

  14. Joe Shmoe says:

    Finally, I’ve been waiting for this truck for forever :D. It could use some work, but great start so far.

  15. kevan says:

    This truck is screaming for help, and the sound is bad.

  16. ted hegner says:

    to bad you cant go in the back it’s a one time drive and dump sorry i like the sleepers working

  17. Jordy says:

    J’aime cet camion

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