Kenworth k100 Update 2


Small update Kenward k100-vip-Stas556_dmitry68. Cleaned hands and
navigator (passenger remained in traffic) (forgive mnu Stas),
corrected axis wipers pound losses slow down. And added two variants
of engines with their sounds.
Author sounds Comrade Kriechbaum
In general, a pleasant ride.;) Forgot: 2.05 variant losses. Option 3
would hope PBX if hto else will do. 🙂
note: who is an old garage sell nafig, and then connect this option.

Stas556, dmitry68R3, Kriechbaum

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29 thoughts on “Kenworth k100 Update 2

  1. kriechbaum

    Thanks a lot !!! very good update, this K100 is just perfect now.

    Good job friends.

    1. Do I have to sell the old one K100 from my garage? I have kriechbaum version for 🙂

      1. Quattrophobia

        Yes sell that version, disable that version of the mod, then enable this version and buy the new truck 🙂

  2. very good truck… small a bug on be ice with braking… lack maintaining a skin and a pack tuning….

  3. Very, very good, this truck! Congratulations!!!!yummy in my tummy

  4. kriechbaum

    with the 8V92 engine, u must shift at high rpms, like 2300 rpm, and the engine sound will be really impressive at these high revs.

    1. kriechbaum

      Also, i ll make an update of the sounds, the 8V92 has been improved a little bit, also, if i am not wrong, the Cat 3604 soud is the one from JujuQCTrucker.


      1. That’s good if you changed 8V92 to sound good at high revs because that is how they like to be driven in real life.

        Also, I think you mean CAT 3406?

        1. kriechbaum

          Yes 3406.

          For the 8V92 i’ll do the update it next week

        2. Detroit,GM,Gray engines, Like to be driven like that?
          They are two stroke engines and supercharged, they “have” to be driven like that or they can’t pull the skin off a good Rice Pudding.

          But, they do sound glorious when they get those revs up, don’t they?

          1. Yes, they LIKE to be driven like that.

            It is possible NOT to drive them like that.

            Therefore they don’t HAVE to be driven like that.

            That is why I said, they LIKE to be driven like that.

  5. Is it compatible with version 1.9.22?

  6. very good mod! the game go more fluent when i meet the truck in traffic! GJ!

  7. WELL DONE!! Another great mod by these guys. 2 different engines with different sound??.. amazing. Mod works on my v1.9.24 without crash.

    It would be great if you can make the FREIGHTLINER ARGOSY with the same chassis and engines as this K100. Argosy was my favourite on 18WOS.

    Thanks again for a perfect mod.

  8. By the author of sounds 3406 indeed is JujuQcTrucker . Request to add to description. And beg pardon for not exactness.

    1. kriechbaum

      No problem Dmitry, Juju is my friend and was my pupil lool, he is aware about this mod.
      So credits for the Cat 3406 goes to him.

      Also, happy to see you here Dmitry. I’m on vacation now, so nothing new for again one month or more…

      No powerfull computer where i am… ahahahah

      See you guys.

  9. Very nice mod , good job ! , but is there a way to delete the truck from the trafic ?

    1. Open up the mod (winRAR etc), go to DEF/VEHICLE and delete “truck_traffic_storage.kenk100traffic.sii”

      1. I did , but i don’t see the modded linein this file , only the classic .sii dev trucks.

        1. SiiNunit

          //@include “truck/mercedes_traffic.sii”
          //@include “truck/volvo_traffic.sii”
          //@include “truck/scania_traffic.sii”
          //@include “truck/daf_traffic.sii”
          //@include “truck/renault_magnum_traffic.sii”
          //@include “truck/iveco_traffic.sii”
          //@include “truck/man_traffic.sii”
          //@include “truck/renault_premium_traffic.sii”
          @include “truck/kenworth_traffic.sii”
          @include “truck/kenworth_aero_traffic.sii”


          ^^ They’re at the bottom.

          Just delete the whole .sii file (like I said) OR put // in front of the lines

          @include “truck/kenworth_traffic.sii”
          @include “truck/kenworth_aero_traffic.sii”

          so they look like..

          //@include “truck/kenworth_traffic.sii”
          //@include “truck/kenworth_aero_traffic.sii”

          The “//” in front stop that line from being read.

  10. where to buy?

  11. Does anyone know if anyone has made a G1 Optimus Prime skin for this truck as that would be cool as hell!

  12. where do you buy this truck from while on the game? and has anyone had it make there game crash on them??

  13. For the love of God, somebody make a Generation 1 Optimus Prime skin for this one!!!!!

  14. still no skin template for this truck, pls i wanna remake BJ and the Bear!

  15. miracles0032

    When the truck went Kenwood k200?
    Truck end of the road!

  16. miracles0032

    Could be asked to build a truck Kenwood k200?

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