Kenworth K100 version 5.0 for 1.19


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For versions of the game 1.19
The author of the original truck for PTTM: – laza-truck.
The author of the original interior for PTTM: – laza-truck.
Author envelope ETS-2: – Stas556, dmitry68.
Remaking salon: – Oleg_Conte, Stas556, dmitry68.
Animation: – Stas556, Oleg_Conte.
Global Residence permit: – Mishanka.
Help in 3ds Max: – Smith.
Sound: – kriechbaum

The author of the original truck for PTTM – laza-truck. The author of the original interior for PTTM – laza-truck. Author envelope ETS-2 – Stas556, dmitry68. Remaking salon – Oleg_Conte, Stas556, dmitry68. Animation – Stas556, Oleg_Conte. Global Residence permit – Mishanka. Help in 3ds Max – Smith. Sound – kriechbaum


25 Responses to Kenworth K100 version 5.0 for 1.19

  1. H9Jin says:

    how many hp?

  2. huyna says:


  3. thamishetty says:

    excellent kenworth 2 drivers ,superb movement of other person ,really very good thanks a lot for the authors of this ,,,,,,,,,,but wat is the hp of engines ,also please authors make some indian trucks please indian fans eager to see in ets2 game,they will b very thankful if made

  4. Doktor_Psix says:

    Обзор на русском

  5. TruckSimMods says:

    Video review of the Studio Poland, software.

    Tested v1.19s


  6. wtf says:

    All the useless stuff like the co-driver, the flags, fans and the compass thing should be extras, with tuning points; or at least offer a second interior, a clean one, as an option.

    All the animations, extra polies and textures are just bad for the FPS while not everyone wants them.

  7. H9Jin says:

    If can use a higher hp can be better

  8. Theosz says:

    same old v5.0 made in 05/2015 . How could be made for v1.19 that was released today?

    Many errors in game.log.txt into ETS2 v1.19

    and even has not manifest and adaptation to ETS2 v1.19.

    it was ok if description write for v1.17.

    v1.19 is fake information

    THIS SITE could register modders and creates password, this way only original modders (not the fake names) could publish the mod.

  9. richtofen says:

    keeps on crashing when i go to customize it

  10. Matsw007 says:

    Please remove creepy co-driver and the broken windshield.

  11. Darsh71 says:

    Hello. for me, that mod block all truck traffic

    • Bruno Éme says:

      That’s right Darsh71, the same with me, not only blocks truck traffic, also blocks a lot of traffic cars, it’s a nice truck mod, but blocks what makes this game a great game.

      • Markus says:

        Me, too. It blocks all truck traffic. I see only cars and busses.
        I used k100 v.20 final mod and it worked fine for me until patch 1.18.3.

        Since the latest patch the old K100 mod stilll works ok, but i only see k100 trucks in traffic, so the old mod blocks all trucks despite the k100 itself. and the newer mod block every trucks.

        Hope, we get a rework soon.


  12. TheDane2006 says:

    – The Kenwood K100 is a great little workhorse, and if yer dont want a big American then is the K100 yer choice to make, and its BAOBAB TREE friendly even in France and around Paris who have the narrowiest Toll-boths (have done a testrun from South France to Calais) so if yer wanna try yer 1st American and dont want a biggie ay 1st, then i suggest yer try out this thing.

  13. seb99 says:

    i can’t see any truck in traffic and even any k100 till i have it until patch 1.18.3 i never see any k100 in traffic fix this

  14. hieu.rocket90 says:

    yeah when i used mod has error with ai truck.all ai truck is lost

  15. JN says:

    It’s a nice (and a stable-working) truck overall, but it does have some shortcomings:
    1) Can’t really see the gauges on the dashboard, since they are way too small.
    2) There is no cruise control speed limiter indicator.
    3) There are no front and side safety mirrors.

    Everything else about this mode is excellent.

  16. DeYReX says: There is a gameplay with this track in 1080p 60fps.

  17. IDM says:

    v1.19.2.1 s – All trucks traffic disappears.

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