Kenworth K100 White & Red skin


White & Red skin for Kenworth K100 v1.3 edit by Henki73. For Aerodyne cab.
Please keep original link and credits.
Enjoy in the ride!



6 Responses to Kenworth K100 White & Red skin

  1. French Canadian Bastard says:

    C’mon you know it’s from BJ and the bear đŸ˜‰

  2. GeoSyll says:

    Can someone update this beauty for 1.22? It crashes the game. Sweet skin though,close to the BJ & the Bear.

  3. Skiner says:

    I know. Bu look closer. It would say that BJ and the bear skin.

  4. Skiner says:

    GeoSyll – Truck works without problems on v1.22.24.


    Sorry but this version needs to be fixed. Game chrashes even on an clear profil.

  6. ToppyDawg says:

    Any chance to get this skin but green not red?

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