Kenworth Phantom v 2.0 [1.28.x]

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– Standalone
– Dealer DAF
– Painting + skins
– Chassis options
– Engine options
– Your wheels
– Tuning

Bansheewoj, B4RT, AMT, Fin21, Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy, groningen


5 Responses to Kenworth Phantom v 2.0 [1.28.x]

  1. Francesco says:

    doesn’t work, game crash..

    • O.J.Russell says:

      Same here! Go to dealer, buy truck, go to drive it, CRASH!

  2. no name says:

    all mirrors not working

  3. adi2003de says:

    Date of the Mod is 19.09.2016 … this mod can´t work !

    Best what you can do as User .. report it above the thread .

  4. Oggmeista says:



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