Kenworth Phantom v 2.0 [1.30.x]

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– Standalone
– Dealer DAF
– Painting + skins
– Chassis options
– Engine options
– Your wheels
– Tuning

Bansheewoj, B4RT, AMT, Fin21, Lucasi, Pauly, Georgiaboy, groningen


10 thoughts on “Kenworth Phantom v 2.0 [1.30.x]

  1. fake old mod….

    1. Philip002

      Yes form 2016

  2. TheGreatSimulator
  3. Да сделайте ему зеркала ради Бога… А то замахали уже выкладывать старый мод.

  4. Андромир

    Русский видео обзор

  5. hello
    have you got any templates for this truck?

    1. Philip002

      This is form 2016 is old mod

  6. can you put a kenworth T800 for V 1.30 in this page ??

  7. Christophe

    all mirrors not working

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