Kenworth Power pack


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Kenworth W900 Powerpack
2000 litre 6×4 chassis
Realistic Caterpillar C15 800hp (657kw)
Realistic Kenworth T909 Cummins 800hp (657kw)
Realistic Ultrashift PLUS MX18A with retarder (18 gears)

Tested in v1.25.x

Joseph GodwinKE


7 thoughts on “Kenworth Power pack

  1. It would be nice if the shitmusic were gone

  2. Please upload the truck mod link

  3. Its in the description of the YouTube video…

  4. I am sorry but I like more this version of Kenworth w900 which work perfectly on 1.25 and it has much more tuning options and the title is shown correctly on dealer DAF, comparing to the w900 included in the ATS pack.
    this power pack unfortunately seems to be incompatible with that older version since all additional parts are listed but the sounds is missing. can you please maybe adapt this pack the independent truck and not only for this ATS pack? thanks

    1. That was my initial plan to use truck at but the important bits or rather the parts essential for modder are locked with password!

  5. you were right, but there is now a new version of w900 no longer pasword protected if you still have interest on this power pack… I would do it but I don’t have advanced skills…

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