Kenworth t2000

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Contains 1 chassis 6×4, 1 standard cabin, skirts, various accessories (motors transmissions, etc.), own sound and own interior.
It is bought at a dealer man.

Added new animations, corrected height and rudder distance with respect to the instrument panel
Fixed Collisions, increased advanced hitch compatibility
UV UV UV and alternate skin for skin, metallic paint.
Attached hoops (disc, nuts, hubcap)
Shadow of the corrected truck
Model and Def updated to 1.27.x.

-DB3, Panther, (original model), kriechbaum (sounds),
-Mjtemdark edition

Does not work in versions prior to 1.27.x
The advanced trailer hitch may have some problems with certain trailers
The turning of the truck is very wide, take into account when folding, can not be corrected.
If you upgrade from the previous version so that the missing accessory error disappears, do the following
-Activate the game console
-Take the following code: g_remove_missing_accessories 1
– Manually load the last “autoguarded” activated the box to show autoguardados, be very careful when loading you can lose progress if no load the correct file, the pet would be advisable to save the game manually and reload.
-Return to Buy the accessory.
Contains alternating UV and UV templates for skinear.

-DB3, Panther,(Modelo original), kriechbaum(sonidos), -Edicion mjtemdark


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  1. does truck work on Peterbilt 220? good truck it..

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