Kenworth T2000 + Interior v 2.0

Kenworth-T-2000-Interior-v-2.0-1 Kenworth-T-2000-Interior-v-2.0-2

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Standlone Truck
You can find it at Scania dealer

– Own sounds
– 2 types of interior
– Fixed minor bugs
– Interior colors
– New camera position in interior

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Authors: Andrywka, Ant457, Vladimir Pavlov, ExclusiveUA, Rin’g’Roll 3


17 Responses to Kenworth T2000 + Interior v 2.0

  1. aleksey says:

    Спасибо тебе брат за этот мод.Я давно уже жду улучшение по этому грузовику.Предыдущий был просто ужасен.Конфликтовал со Scania.Звук тоже Прекрасен у этого нового мода.Ты Молодец!

  2. Rijwan1998 says:

    video???? please

  3. TruckSimFan says:

    Truck works fine on alongside other mods.

    No camera / seat position problems, all upgrade parts work, no missing textures, etc. Drives just like any other mod truck, too.

    The only real issue is it has a very low resolution interior, so low it’s not worth driving. It’s that ugly.

    The ideal solution would be for someone to take the high res interior from the Kenworth T660, and link it to the T2000 exterior model (because they use the same interior). Then the mod would be perfect, more or less.

  4. TruckSimFan says:


    I’ve seen your punk ### on this site acting like a little 10-year old.


  5. Mihai says:

    Video with the truck 🙂
    Tested on version

  6. Gilkid says:

    on traffic?

  7. SlavaR says:

    Звук бы по ему по реальнее..а так не плохо

  8. Sib3rius says:

    This is an awesome mod. I like the sounds for it, too!

  9. @dr_jaymz says:

    Nice model but still have some bugs, 1.-the rain in the windshield, 2.-roof yellow lights doesnt turn on, the rpm clock is not synchronized with the motor speed and sound, rear lights are faded

  10. Trucker says:

    Awesome мод? Да это гуано редкостное. Шлаковый конверт из ДБ3. К таким модам только ctrl+delete.

  11. Gilkid says:

    a lot of bugs but i liked the powertrain

  12. Kalash156 says:

    Looks like a great start. The interior needs some better textures, and as others stated, bug fixes.

  13. AmericanTrucker says:

    Awesome mod, can someone make this into a Kenworth T700 or T680, Thanks!

  14. Gerhard Heuberger says:

    Nice Truck, aber einige schwachstellen. Tachonadel und Drehzahlnadel nicht mittig. Das müsste man sehen bevor man das Auto ins Netz stellt. Schlampig gearbeitet. Das Armaturenbrett je nach Lichteinfall viel zu dunkel und schlecht ablesbar. Bitte ausbessern oder es das nächste mal gleich bleiben lassen. Wäre schade um das ansonsten schöne Auto.

  15. Ja says:

    Perhaps he didn’t care if you (and the likes of you) will understand him or not. I also prefer to see English being used here, but some people aren’t English speakers. After all, maybe it’s time you learn some new languages; being monolingual has its downsides. I’d also say you have to work on your temper and manners. 😉

  16. nick says:

    does it work with tsm and 1.9 and what scania does it replace?

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