Kenworth T660

Kenworth T660 (1) Kenworth T660 (3) Kenworth T660 (2)

This is a Kenworth T660 Truck
Mod works on 1.19 made by J.P
This is my first mod DO NOT RE UPLOAD

Author: J.P


34 Responses to Kenworth T660

  1. CristyMPIV says:

    Where we can found this mod, at which dealer ?

  2. soda says:

    it doesn t work:(

  3. J.P says:

    It at the volvo dealer

  4. toni says:

    not working at all. don’t know where u should find this, but it only messed my volvo dealer and shows only current truck.

  5. paul says:

    could you please make a video please thanks

  6. kemar says:

    yo it doesnt work at all fix it also i see in the pic the muffler placement needs to be fixed too

  7. nmgsyp says:

    You been tested? can you running it? where are video ?

  8. Noise says:

    Not working. Same as above messes Volvo dealer.

  9. J.P says:

    i will fix the pipes in the next upgrade and more parts video will be up in lest than a hour thanks

  10. jake says:

    how do i install the fix file its the same name as the original download

  11. titan_estrada says:

    not work i my game even download the file from the second link and not so

  12. Hannibaljazz says:

    Does it work for and tsm 6.0 and rus 1.95

    • MillisTrucker says:

      yes it worked for me with the same version and maps.

  13. kemar says:

    it doesnt work for me still fix and all

  14. uriel says:

    me da forzar cierre

  15. Jorge says:

    video review from me đŸ˜€

  16. Steven preston says:

    I downloaded the truck and the fix and alone they still crash my game can u please help

  17. MillisTrucker says:

    Game crashes because fix and truck scs files are the same. All you gotta do is just rename the truck file and stick the fix file in the mod folder and activate both and it will work. Make sure when you rename you keep the scs at the end. Mod is awesome good work J.P.

  18. max says:

    the steering wheel is located under the truck . ))

  19. J.P says:

    copy the truck to your mod folder then copy the fix and replace
    The truck mod the fix will delete the old file that had the problem
    the is located at the volvo dealer slot 3 if you guys want a video on how to do is just ask

    • titan_estrada says:

      eeee not, the game keeps on closing and I already unloaded it again and nevertheless it closes

  20. romuls007 says:

    Mirrors are wrong, please ask Change.

    • J.P says:

      whats wrong with the mirrors

      • komox says:

        Hiya J.P, he is right, if you look at your own video, you can see at 06:13 you cant even look at the mirror, in the real truck you can see the side mirrors without any truble. Also, under the truck, what the heck is that? There is something stuck under the truck lol

  21. asiangeek says:

    Any video? Also no interior pics

  22. Curve says:

    The youtube link doesn’t make it clear what you need to do to install this mod. Rename either the mod or the fix file (for some reason they both have the same name), then activate both, but place the fix file ABOVE the mod file in priority, or you will continue to crash. Why not just fix the mod itself?

    As for the model, it needs some work; the fuel tanks collide with both the pipes and the plastic panels next to the steps. The steering wheel can be seen under the truck. Only two options, a roof and a visor with lights.

    Outside, the shadows under the truck are horrendous, and stock ETS2 engine sounds and transmission don’t add to the appeal of this truck. There’s also NO DASH in first person.

    4.5/10, and that’s mostly because it’s beautifully rendered.

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