Kenworth T660 + Interior + Engines

Kenworth-T660+Interior+Engines-1 Kenworth-T660+Interior+Engines-2

– New Luxury Interior
– Rebuild Engines:
510 hp/610 hp/710 hp/810 hp/910 hp/1010 hp/1110 hp 1810 hp
– Rebuild Transmission:
11 speed/13 speed/15 speed/18 speed
– New Caterpillar Engine Sound

Author: Myke X


24 thoughts on “Kenworth T660 + Interior + Engines

  1. Game crashes when loading it, even when all my other mods are deactivated. For my part this is a no go!

  2. Game crashes.

  3. Crashes here also.

  4. #### mod

  5. Yeah it crashes for me too.

  6. when going to buy truck, game crashes, please fix, because its a nice mod and even nicer truck 😀

  7. In what dealer is that KW?

    1. Dealer MAN, slot 7. Crashes when I enter MAN dealership.

      1. BigLarry1950

        Mine crashes when I go to the Iveco dealership (7th position). ETS2 Patch 1.10.

  8. crashes, thanks anyway

  9. Quattrophobia

    Yet another mod with crashes most likely caused by improperly “locking” mods. If an archive cannot be unlocked via scsunlock tool it means the modders have improperly attempted to lock the mod causing a crash for everyone else. Most likely works on their end because they are not using the “locked” version. Modders please stop attempting to lock certain files only, the game cannot handle this and as far as the game is concerned the archive is broken. I would love to use this mod, since the other versions of this truck have an unfinished interior. Author please fix the issues most likely caused by the password(s) on files inside the archive. Tip: Lock ALL files inside the archive with the same password, not individual files. Seems like some “new” method of locking mods has recently surfaced and they all cause crashes.

  10. Game crashes.

  11. PLEEEEEASE FIX MOD!!. It looks like a great one and I really would like to try it out. The T660 is a very nice truck to drive. and the new interior will make it even better.

    Just follow the advice Quattrophobia gave in the above post.

  12. Hello Myke X.

    Why you are not replay? So many People write here about the Problem with the Kenworth T660 + Interior + Engines. I have the same Problem. We all cant use these Truck. The Problem is in the File: def\vehicle\truck_dealer\man\man_7.sii

    Greetings from Michael (Germany)

  13. Dear Myke.

    The link seems to be broken now.
    Any chance you could re-upload?

      1. They all are removed! please give another link!

  14. Thx Myke!!

    it is working now.

    Next version could you update/fix the outdated format? SCS updated since jul/2013.

    I still got many warning messsages like this:
    Model in old format detected …

    thx for working, fixes and sharing. Nice work

  15. Still has T2000/T700 dash.

    T660 interior is more like T800/W900.

  16. Link fallen..??????

  17. new kink please

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