Kenworth T660 v.2


Kenworth T660 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, health checked at 1.19.x versions of the game.

Fix and upgrade.

Interior update 3K

Are a separate slot, interior Volvo
His sound
Your interior
Your rims

scs, J. P, the interior dmitry68, torbin


19 Responses to Kenworth T660 v.2

  1. FrostyMoorelo says:

    Nice truck just would be nice if I could add lights on the side and on the roff of the truck hopefully it will be updated to where lights are able to be put on. But thank you been wanting one of these for a while!!!

  2. TruckingLover says:

    Nice one, Full HD video

  3. Baja_002 says:

    Great mod; no major bugs, game log is clean and it works fine with all custom trailers.

    Hope we’ll get some tuning options and new parts with the future updates

  4. BanditGamingHD says:

    full video 1080p —>

  5. ziri says:

    great mod, thank you for sharing

  6. Comstock says:

    It still doesnt´works. Never ever!

    • Jck says:

      Hey, try adding like a few z’s to the beginning of the file name so that its the last one in your mod folder. Sometimes that helps with people running a lot of mods. Mines wasn’t working at first either but when I changed the name to zzzzzzzzzzzkenworth_T660v2 it worked right away.

  7. TruckingLover says:

    Comstock tell me why, Did you install it good?

  8. Mike says:

    Thank you for this one, great job. Works like a charm, no bugs. Hope you will improve this great truck.

  9. Mike says:

    Hi, it would be great if you can point me to the templates. Thx in advance.

  10. Comstock says:

    Nach der ersten downloadversion hat der pc nach dem aktivieren einen selbsständigen neustart gemacht. bei der zweiten ein automatischer neustart, nach dem anklicken eines volvohändlers. die dritte version ist zwar einsetszbar fährt aber auf freien flächen (z.B. Tree Et) gegen unsichtbare barrieren, so das man den hof garnicht mehr verlassen kann.
    ich kopiere die scs dateien in meinen mod folder und aktiviere sie im mod manager. ich denke ich hab nichts falsch gemacht.

  11. umanik32 says:

    Гов*о с салоном от Т800

  12. anon says:


    I tried the ZZZ thing, I still don’t see this truck in truck browser or any dealers.

    I will test if this is a conflict with other mods later but wanted to point out that whoever had the same issue above it’s not an isolated case.

  13. adal says:

    as I can edit it? please 🙂 godd kenworth

  14. asiangeek says:

    Well the interior is from a T800! Please make the real interior or close to the real interior

  15. asiangeek says:

    Please release ats version soon please?

  16. Lorenzo says:

    My only “complaint” if you call it that is you cannot hear the rumble strips when you hit them in this truck. Other than that great mod

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