Kenworth T800

Kenworth-T-800-1 Kenworth-T-800-2

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– Bought in showrooms DAF
– There are templates for 1 and 2 channels. Without colorings. Public beta, so to speak. Coloring lighting can do for yourself in the script written any where navtykal.

The original model of DB3 (rignroll model)
Envelope in ETS2: dmitry68
Sounds all engines: kriechbaum


37 Responses to Kenworth T800

  1. GSP says:

    Great job, dmitry. I hope you keep doing revisions of this caliber.

  2. marty says:

    thanks !!!!!!!
    i was waiting for a good kenworth t800 mod for so long …..

  3. Romario says:

    Рулевое колесо полный отстой!Неужели нельзя сделать нормально?

    • roman12 says:

      а какое по твоему нормальное ? да не нравится сделай сам

    • prokina.661 says:

      Это и есть нормальное рулевое колесо. Салон делали SofLab а они делали с реального тягача модель.

  4. says:

    для scania T можно такой GPS сделать?????????????

  5. marchamilton says:

    the two skins dont show up in the game at all

  6. mike4476 says:

    Can you fix the left mirror on the engine hood pleas

  7. rall says:

    better than stupid long hoods & useful truck..
    nice & datailed job,thanks

  8. Kenny says:

    small bug: the left turn signal lights in the interior. BUT GREAT MOD !!!

    • Kenny says:

      sorry … the range in lblinkerl and rblinkerl in unit/hookup was set too far from me 😉

  9. carl says:

    front bumper is not in the right place …. not in the middle

  10. Grandpa says:

    Kriechbaum. What should we do without you. ?? This game would be so boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. kriechbaum says:

    Thank you all, at the beginning of the project, it was a private reworked version, but with Dmitry we decided to release it to public.

    He worked HARD on it, few weeks to have a very nice truck. i am very gratefull to him too.


  12. K-whopper says:

    thank u very much Kriechbaum n Dmitry very nice work . please keep the american truck coming . this t800 works and looks awsome. and as always thank you for releasing to the public

  13. denklon says:

    Very well, thank you very much

  14. Zeviander says:

    Excellent job bringing this up-to-date. I’m not big on Kenworth’s but any effort to this degree, I’ll give a go and proper appreciation. I really hope you (both dmitry and everyone else) can do some of the other dated American models. I’d love to see that Peterbilt 359 brought into 2015. It’s a great truck that just needs that modern touch.

  15. shanewolfe says:

    excellent job !!!
    a ( optional ) tri-drive ( 8X6 ) chassis and a ( optional ) heavy duty bullbar on the front in the update ( if you update it…. ) would be great !!!!
    anyway, great job

  16. paul says:

    Found one problem the front left mirror on hood needs to be fixed please

  17. kriechbaum says:

    Paul :

    Put this file at this place:


  18. Dragster94 says:

    Merci de nous faire profiter de vos œuvres et de diversifier les modèles de camions.encore un camion de plus a ma collection il manque plus que le K200 et un W900 Classique.Un grand merci pour vos travaux et votre passion.(FR)

  19. Soeren says:

    why glow handles and fittings made of chromium in the dark? lights are off!

  20. Maestro says:

    Great work guys! The T800 it’s a classic and this one is almost perfect. One question though: why does it always have to be on DAF? Is it because of the real Daf/Peterbilt/Kenworth company?
    Could I change the file so it can be bought from another make?

  21. carl says:

    front bumper bullbar is not in the right place …. not in the middle

  22. Mitchell says:

    Great mod
    But can you make a heavy hall chassis
    off a 4axle chassis

  23. ACAB says:

    Sorry guys but how can I fix the left mirror problem with this link?

    Where can I paste the file “.MAT”?


    • Verbatim says:


      Put this file at this place:


      kriechbaum put this higher up…..Thankyou to kriechbaum and Dmitry

  24. Kazadrek says:

    HD video with good music 🙂

  25. losevo58 says:

    АВТОРЫ !! А где обещанные на видео логотипы и эмблемы Kenworth. На видео они есть, а в моде их нету. Нехорошо как то людей обманывать !
    AUTHORS !! And where is the promised video logos and emblems Kenworth. In the video, they are, in a fashion they are not present. It is not good that people like to cheat!

  26. EJTruckingINC says:

    need more options for the lights on the bull bar please…thanks!

  27. Orb says:

    Is there a template available for this truck?

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