Kenworth T800

Kenworth-T800-2 Kenworth-T800-1

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– Standalone Truck
– Showrooms DAF
– Interior
– Tuning
– Wheels


Author: kosa6414

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13 thoughts on “Kenworth T800

    1. Is it realy the same truck? Your’s got a diffrent steering wheel…

      1. No, bandit is a fool. His video is of dmitry’s T800 (

        This is a half-assed copy. Look at pics, doesn’t even have wipers in exterior/interior.

        1. Correcton: It DOES have wipers in interior. Still sucks though.

  1. bonjour est ce compatible avec le 1.16.2 merci d’avance

  2. Melichov_SU

    A new video. from 06.04. 2015 –

  3. stolen mods…. dmitry’s T800

    1. It’s not the same as dmitry’s, it’s worse.

      i.e. they both have the same interior from Rig ‘n’ Roll but dmitry reworked it and made it alot nicer.

      It’s not stolen though, just a bad copy. Dmitry didn’t make any of the parts that are the same.

  4. where to by this truck in version 1.16.3? what for dealer have this truck?

  5. ShuqGrind

    Dmitry’s the best ever modder,no doubt about it.this mod is a true copycat.i won’t download copycats,for sure.

  6. titan_estrada

    Very good mod although there are several aspects you need to change one of them is the engine for a few more powerful engines would be welcome as well as new gearboxes and something that i saw only a ves in American would be a mod that this truck had three rear axles and those things on top of the air filters in the staff that I don’t like but are acceptable if you could put those three aspects this mod would be my favorite from that game to this simulator

  7. james tooey

    crashes my game

  8. AlrightyThen

    Mod Review and showcase video in HD 60fps

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