Kenworth T800 (update 1.01)


– Fixed various minor bugs
– Fixed bottom left mirror

dmitry68, kriechbaum


52 Responses to Kenworth T800 (update 1.01)

  1. K-whopper says:

    no kenworth light sign in middel if grill like video???
    it looked cool

  2. EJTruckingINC says:


  3. Casu97 says:

    Please, Day Cab!!

  4. Wildcat says:

    Beautiful truck. Thanks for sharing. The only issue I can find is that the side mirror brackets shouldn’t be out past the windshield. They should be just in front of the door but behind the hood and under the windshield. Other than that it’s an awesome truck

  5. Beepfalcon says:

    Umm any chance the creator could make a right hand drive version? Im from NZ and all our trucks are right hand drive, would be awesome if you could.

  6. guynextdoor says:

    Hi guyz!!Love the truck very much.Its nicely done!Can we have the sunshield to be optional instead?please guyz can u do it??thanks in advance!!

  7. losevo58 says:

    АВТОРЫ !! А где обещанные на видео логотипы и эмблемы Kenworth. На видео они есть, а в моде их нету. Нехорошо как то дюдей обманывать !
    AUTHORS !! And where is the promised video logos and emblems Kenworth. In the video, they are, in a fashion they are not present. It is not good as it dyudey cheat!

    • dmitry68 says:

      в автомастерскую пробовал заходить?

    • @dr_jaymz says:

      you should be more polite, this guys make and post all this mods for free, you should thank them before you ask for something.

  8. wolfe says:

    maybe you can make a tri-drive (8X6) chassis and a heavy duty bullbar for it…….

  9. henri says:

    bonjours serait il possible d’éclairé toute les lumière du tableau de bord (ventilation frein ect)

  10. shane says:

    can you make a tri-drive (8X6) chassis and a heavy duty bullbar for it ??????
    would make the truck even greater then it already is i think…..

  11. muppet says:

    One of My favourite trucks,beautiful and detailed design, outstanding control and sound. Thanks for this jewel.See My video Flight to Bratislava Kenworth T800:

  12. matpol98 says:

    One thing i would like to see fixed is the crome in the interior. It does look nice at day time, but at night time it lights up too much.
    Like this:

    Its realy destracting, specialy for me who like to drive at nigt and do it pretty often.

    Other than that, its a awesome mod!

    • Tollkirsche says:

      You need to change the reflection in the files:



      to >>>


      Then fixed issue and looks nice too 🙂

  13. Jack says:

    Hello Gentlemen .but beautiful mod is a annoying bug left shows a view of a small mirror tilted about 30 degrees from the horizontal as shown in the first of them in the picture.

  14. Ipgaxx says:

    Cant wait to try this awesome looking truck out 🙂 Thanks for sharing, any chance you know any good trailers, that fits this truck? US Style 🙂 Thanks again. I hope you keep this up to date with the upcomming patches from ETS2.

  15. WillyB says:

    Really well done!
    Only issues is all the windows in the cab that are tinted as Blue.
    Imma get an USA trailer and drive it TRULY with 18speed with G27! 😀

  16. Maisson says:

    Não funciona. O jogo vem à crash quando à outros mods, sendo que nenhum é relacionado à DAF. Tenho mod de Scania 164 e Scania T, VW Constellation, Volvo FH13, jazzycat 3.0 e rodas duplas. E por que o crash? No mapa RBR também não funciona.

  17. FRANK says:

    GREAT MOD!! Thanks a lot to everyone involved with making of mod. We appreciate your effort.

    Very nice truck to drive, I really like the PACCAR engine included. This is my new favorite truck to drive. Great interior with the more modern dashboard.

    Would love to see this interior for the KW T660.

    Keep up the truck mods coming!

  18. evox says:

    Many thanks guys this truck is great

  19. K-whopper says:

    yep figured out problem why kenworth badge on side of hood n kenworth light sign on radiator grill was not working it was conflicting with my tuning light mod. works now love this truck. it gets a (A) grade from me.!!! thanks again

    just a thought maybe u guys could up date the w900 v1.5 truck it has it all- day cab -sleeper- n heavy haul triaxel chassis.

  20. lambo603 says:

    Can you make pleas normal 12 speed transmission?
    Becouse my H-Shifter from Logitech G27 have only 6 gears
    In 12 speed is – 2,4,6,8,10 and 12
    Here is 3,6,9,12,15,16 and changine gears per 3 isnt good becouse i need to change in 2600 RPM becouse engine gonna have too small RPM’s

  21. Nefertiti says:

    That steering wheel doesn’t suit that interior.

    Better off using the factory steering wheel or a nicer after-market one that suits the later model interior.

  22. noune45 says:

    un mod moteur 800ch/900ch serait super

  23. EJTruckingINC says:

    Nice truck will give it a 3 out of 5 being 5 being the best…the reason for that is the poor tuning for the front of the truck…people are putting unrealistic lights on the front turning markers that should only be on the side and putting them on the grill lol. Why waste a nice truck like this by not putting the right lighting options bull bars etc…only to have a big square hole in the middle. fix this and it would surely be a 5 from me!!!

  24. Joaquín says:

    How to fix the very light interior chrome at night? I mean this issue:
    Awesome mod, thanks in advance 🙂

  25. kriechbaum says:

    Hello, Yes Dmitry is aware about this, i hope this will be fixed later.

    • Joaquín says:

      Okay, thanks. I have another question… Is there a way to lower it’s suspension without editing model? I don’t know how and I just want to know if I can do it by editing some files. Thanks in advance 🙂

  26. Eduardo says:

    tengo problemas con el mod las texturas del panel, las que deverian ser color madera se ven rosadas.

  27. Kenny says:

    dmitry68 …

    Can you tell me where I can change the colors of the (green) windows? It is a texture or a mat file?

  28. YOGI says:

    Your tachometer and speedometer are too small.

    They should take up as much room as four of the smaller gauges.

    Here’s a picture to show what I mean:

    And as someone else has said, that 2-spoke steering wheel doesn’t really suit a +2006 model interior. Top wheel in my picture is factory and bottom one is a common aftermarket 4-spoke. IMO, either of those would look better.

    The wood seen in the interior on this page (light brown) is from the older shape interior (pre-2006).

    Thanks for the mod and I hope you will fix the interior.

    • kriechbaum says:

      Yes Yogi, you are right, and we know this for the tacho and speedometer. But it is a lot of work to redesign those gauges. They were like this before the rework.

      • YOGI says:

        Yes, but you don’t need to redesign them. Everything is there, you just to need to re-scale and re-position some things.

        I know they’re like that in Rig’n’Roll, it’s not a licensed Kenworth in the game and it’s not accurate.

  29. DFD says:

    Absolutely fantastic mod. I love it, no complaints so far either. But a suggestion maybe? A daycab would be really cool. I love the T800 daycabs, and some more exhaust pipe options? ThAnkara mate.

  30. Brock says:

    i dont know what to do how do i get kenworth

  31. juan says:

    muy bien

  32. juan says:

    ja mmuy bien exelente

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