Kenworth T800 update v 1.02


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Version 1.02:
– Fixed interior chrome’s reflection by night (it was too shiny before by night)
– Interior lightning is more realistic (reflections)
– Outside view of the interior, now the colors of the leather and the dashboard are true (more realistic)
– Added a second visor as option

Authors: Dmitry68, Stels, DB3, Kriechbaum


55 Responses to Kenworth T800 update v 1.02

  1. MrDave01 says:

    Great mod I love it! THX

  2. Alex40 says:

    Kenworth T800 update v 1.02 Video

  3. Dayton Morris says:


  4. Rubber Duck says:

    Thank you for a great mod and for sharing it with us.

  5. noune45 says:

    pouvez vous donner un autre mod de telechargement

  6. paul says:

    Thanks guys its a top truck keep up the good work Thankyou

  7. noune45 says:

    on peut toujours pas telecharger aide me

  8. wolfe says:


    its a very nice truck and it drives excellent, but i would like a tri-drive (8X6) chassis and a heavy duty bullbar for it… a cummins engine with a bit more torque would be great to. ( i like to haul heavy and oversized loads ) …
    im from canada so please dont blame me for oversizing trucks and loads big time 🙂 ..

    in the link is a example for a tri-drive chassis and a bullbar i would like to see.

    please think the flatbed away…..


  9. K-whopper says:

    u guys keep making this truck better and better. i agree a tri axel heavy hauler would be nice. i like pull the heavy equipment too. if updated again maybe could we get some straight pipes exhaust and maybe rear fender options. what about beacon on roof ????
    thanks guys

  10. Luke Hopper says:

    Hey guys, I love the truck! You guys said that there are template channels 1 and 2. How do you get to those? I wish to make my own skin of for the truck, if that is alright.

  11. mark says:

    Excellent mod of Kenworth except for one thing, most American trucks have no more then 14 gauges.

    • Guy says:

      I drove a Kenworth T-600 and it had 19 gauges. The gauges on this mod are very accurate.

  12. Chickenlights&chrome says:

    Love this truck it handles so well, a few more lights and a tri-axle would be great. Thanks for your time and hard work.

  13. Gustavo says:

    I love this truck, but I will wish to have this truck with 3 axles. And one of them liftable.

  14. apbode says:

    La descarga incluye un troyano y adaware, difíciles de eiminar.

    • Joaquín says:

      Desmarcá la casilla de “descargar con nuestro acelerador nosequemierda” antes de descargar de sendspace, esa mierda te mete porquerías caza-tontos.

  15. apbode says:

    Download generates harmful, annoying, impossible to remove files. Change servers. Sendspace download garbage.

    • lol says:

      Don’t check the SendSpace manager thing, lol. It’ll give you an exe. Uncheck the tickbox and download.

  16. dragter94 says:

    Genial avec s est amelioration ilest super top un grand merci a vous pour ce que vous faitent et aussi de nous en faire profiter (fr).

  17. YOGI says:

    You can see a side light flare through the wheel guard in your picture.

    Also has interior been fixed?

    “Your tachometer and speedometer are too small.

    They should take up as much room as four of the smaller gauges.

    Here’s a picture to show what I mean:

  18. Mark says:

    Please make a bullbar for it would just set the whole truck off

  19. Nefertiti says:

    Sounds are good (for what ETS2 is capable of) except CAT sounds like a rotary engine at times (due to 2000rpm-int-exhaust.ogg file) and the MX-13 doesn’t sound like it’s going above 2000rpm even when it’s redlining at 2500rpm.

  20. MarianZ says:

    Kenworth T800 update v1.02 Video

  21. didi1480 says:

    game crash everytime I try to buy the truck :/

  22. Rob says:

    That heavy haul stuff would be a nice addition, if someone does it they should add a big headache rack and an option to go crazy with lighting, like an american show truck.

  23. darnellm09 says:

    Outstanding update! My new fav truck!

  24. keeeks says:

    I love the truck !!!! very nice work . You can add the original heavy haulage chasssie ?

  25. marcelin says:

    bonjour on le trouve dans quelle consesionaire le camion merci de m’aider

  26. Kingspian says:

    I don’t want to brag or anything. I just downloaded using send space. It’s a exe instead of direct download for the T800 winrar. This file has all the potential ads that will install into your pc and you’ll see tons of ads. I don’t trust it. I went to download this truck else where. I expect this file on t800.rar not t800.rar.exe.

    • JA says:

      It’s a .rar file on sendspace.

      If you’re getting an .exe option you have been tricked into downloading with a “download accelerator” or some s**t! Get better AV and adblock software.

      • Kingspian says:

        Not complaining Joaquín. idk who you callin noobs. Most likely you’re acting like a child. Yes I do have adblock plus and no that didn’t stop the ads installed on your pc. I’m just saying to be aware. That’s all.

        JA: It did trick me and I manage to get rid of all the ads from my pc. So yea this lesson is learned from using sendspace lol.

  27. TR31 says:

    Where I can buy this truck?

    • caveman says:

      same issue here…i don’t know where to turn in the sim to get this truck.

  28. dwa51 says:

    Love this truck! It looks and drives great! When I updated to this version it corrected the exterior view of the interior, but I lost the hood ornament and Kenworth logos from the side of the hood. Has anyone else experienced this?

  29. Chickenlights&chrome says:

    Kriechbaum love the sound, could you please kick it up to get more power?

  30. P4r4 says:

    we have an error pls fix them
    00:03:30.336 : Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture: ‘/vehicle/truck/kenworth_t800_2009/teks/’.
    00:03:30.337 : Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture: ‘/vehicle/truck/kenworth_t800_2009/teks/’.

    • keeeekS says:

      I’m not Kriechbaum but have you changed anything on the truck?
      for I have no fault !!! although I have changed in private for me.

  31. Pascal_Forza says:

    Its a nice truck to drive with it but are can more option on the truck 😛 maby a update to 1.03 or 1.04 ?

  32. Ruslan says:

    Its look nice but in who dealer i can find this truck? i just went to all big dealers and i did not find this truck , pls someone help me

  33. iDisOrder says:

    I just came back to this site to see if there was another version that did away with the visor or fixed it and found both!
    Great Mod!
    Can I make a suggestion???
    Add the “Sleep” mod so we can sleep in the back and this truck will rock!!!

  34. Joaquín says:

    Could you please make a lowered version? this is my favorite mod so far and that would be very very nice to me… Thanks in advance!

  35. Dany_mtz1 says:

    ola un muy buen trailer hasta ahora mi favorito solo comentar que si para la proxima actualisacion podrin mejora un poco la conducion, en el caso de que yo juego con teclado y detecto un retardo en el volataso que no veo en mi vovlo FH o F16 el cual me quita un poco de reaccion ante un accidente. aun i con eso es muy bueno, de facil conducion. me gustari tambien que tubiera mas accesorios como luces, mas pinturas, poder le poner mas barieda de rines. etc pero bien ay la lleban

  36. Dany_mtz1 says:

    agiter un très bon remorque afin loin mon préféré une remarque que si pour la prochaine actualisacion de podrin améliore certains condución, dans le cas où je joue avec clavier et détecter un retard dans volataso voit pas dans mon Vovlo la FH ou F16 qui je ai enlevé une certaine réaction à un accident. Je ai même qui est très bon, condución facile. Je likeI également que tubiera plus d’accessoires tels que les feux, plus de peintures, il a mis plus de puissance barieda de roues. etc, mais bien ay l’lleban

  37. Bluemanclarinet3 says:

    I hope this update fixed the annoying beeping that replaced the yawning noise for when the driver is tired!!!

  38. BRAYAN says:

    es bueno

  39. brayan rdz says:


  40. Fabio says:

    Esta bueno

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