Kenworth T800 v 2.1 FINAL

Kenworth T800

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– Added few chassis with lifted axle option
– Added more tuning options and accessories
– New Cummins ISX Engine sound
– Full support for patch 1.17 with the new tires/rims options and wipers delay
– Fixed lot of bugs

Version 2.1:
– Fixed bugs found in the beta, added a few details.
– Version 1.18 (1.17 below will not work)

Authors: DB3, Dmitry68, Stels, OQ37, Ventyres, Kriechbaum

DOWNLOAD 54 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 54 MB [Uploadfiles]

32 Responses to Kenworth T800 v 2.1 FINAL

  1. muppet says:

    GOGOGO! thanks!!

  2. mishuslya says:


  3. Uxot says:

    Is the FPS drops fixed when in interior?

  4. tishan says:

    nice mod but can someone make a mod for the european trucks to have rear glass like this one

    • Jakub says:

      Trucks are not designed to have interior rear mirrors. How the hell are you going to see anything in there when you have a trailer attached???

  5. Hugh says:

    Hello nice mod but , but 1º inside mirror maybe you need relocate better because the right side of the truck is impossible to see i use the hood mirror to drive and 2º the fender (guardabarro) spanish is too high maybe just little short, but the mod is awesome maybe a little details sorry by my english .

  6. Randol says:

    Como Me comunico con Kriechbaum. Ese es uno de los colaboradores Que crearon este mod. Como lo contacto. Buen mod

  7. Randol says:

    Como me comunico con , Kriechbaum uno de los creadores de esta mod

  8. gokussaiyan3 says:

    I’ve been having chrome problems, with visor, and seat buckles

  9. yor says:

    Not a compatble with 1.17.x¿?

  10. JN says:

    This is an awesome truck! The sound effects are amazing. Thank you!
    There are a few bugs in this mod, though.
    1) There is visible rain inside the top windshield of the largest sleeper.
    2) The truck with the biggest sleeper may back up into a trailer too far when you attempt to hook up a trailer.
    3) The speedometer numbers are not too clearly visible.
    4) The right small front mirror gets partially blocked by the GPS display.
    Otherwise, like I said, it’s a beautiful mod. Thanks again!

  11. Darren says:

    i really wish i could drive this truck. but when i buy it in the daf dealer and choose it as my selected truck my game will crash. same issue with the beta version of the truck. im using 1.18beta patch

  12. Hans says:

    Very nice mod!!

  13. Hauser says:

    Nice truck. Good work.

  14. TheRealTrucker says:

    Just to let you guys know, this mod will conflict with peterbilt 389.

  15. MaxKrukovsky says:

    Not working with this:

  16. Guy says:

    When I try to change dash configuration, it crashes the game. I’ve tried twice and both times crashed. Otherwise a nice truck. (pretty cool to drive in real life too)

  17. Handy says:

    jadors ce camion frement tres bon mod

  18. Antarion says:

    Très beau mod.

    J’ai déjà fais un skin dessus mais j’aimerai savoir comment changer la couleur de l’éclairage des compteurs.

    Merci pour toute information.

  19. passenger says:

    Nice truck well done……except for one thing,missing the air pipe on the air cleaner.

  20. pieper says:

    DONT DOWNLOAD this its just a reuplaod of the original 2.0…..the uploader is just stealing others works

  21. Uxot says:

    Nice version..but..HORRIBLE..HORRIBLE…sound popping of trucks engines…

  22. Charles Wenditz says:

    I like this mod, only truck I drive. Has anyone updated this to version 1.20? Unfortunately I have steam, and can not stop updates, too late now anyway.

  23. Charles Wenditz says:

    Great mod, has anyone updated to 1.20?

  24. Ralph says:

    Thanks a million! This is the best handling and best looking American Truck in the game. And Thanks for remembering us still using ETS2 v1.18. It’s the best version that supports older ai models that we lose with all the new updates… Thanks again!

  25. bill says:

    no lifted axle, always crashes my game when i try

  26. T04STY says:

    hey there!
    i´ve got some problems with the beacons, they are red, like the textures are missing O.o

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