Kenworth W900 [1.25х] [upd: 21.11.16]


YouTube preview

– Buy in the DAF Motor Show
– Spelled out in traffic
– Spelled out in the orders agencies
– 3 cabins
– 4 chassis
– His sound
– Its interior (2 versions)
– Completely rewritten residence tractor, agency orders, and added truck orders in Britain (Fixed again)
– Added missing mat files
– Added all drives ATS
– Replaced all engine ATS
– Returned logo Keshi
– Fixed board computer, now it does not conflict with other modes of ATS (thank you vovangt4)

Updated(from 21.11.16)

Test on version 1.25.x – 1.25.3 s
– Fixed found bugs in the residence for companies

SCS Adaptation Freddy Jimmink Corrections Phantom94, Stels Author sounds: Kriechbaum Adaptation “DLC Cabin accessories”, replacement of all defaulted Sounds, Residence permit tuning with ATS in ETS2 – Vladimir1203 Adaptation to 1.25: Romz


9 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 [1.25х] [upd: 21.11.16]

  1. Mod from march – june 2016. No change. Uploader – mods_ats and company.

    1. Unlocked archive. Fixed errors in the files .sii. Removed the USA map from the background of the Navigator.

  2. Этот мод для версий 1.24.x – 1.23.x! Выложен был в июне 2016!
    А вот актуальная версия для 1.25 –

  3. Отшельник

    …Нормально, только зачем в траффик – перебор…

  4. this truck is in my top 3 trucks and I appreciate that is now unlocked allowing the kenworth power pack to be available among the engines. (Kenworth power pack contains Kenworth engine). besides there are indeed a few improvements like some interior objects and perhaps a few more upgrades outside.
    unfortunately sometime game crashes just after finalising the upgrade of the truck, I hope it won’t happen to often.
    also I don’t understand why don’t you keep the title simply “Kenworth w900” and has to be brand_kenworth_kenworth_w900… havinng several trucks starting with the same title and did not figure yet how to change it

  5. Truckbaehr

    Truck ist SUPER !
    aber keine Skins ???

  6. Could you upload the version for 1.26 ?

  7. can we have a version for 1.26.3 please cheers

  8. Pfannenwender

    The mod is working very well. The truck is well made and has a lot of details. The tuning isn´t very extensive but the truck still looks very fancy.

    For a video of the truck just click on thelink below:

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