Kenworth W900


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– Update To 1.23 Patch
– Dealer DAF
– Interior
– Tuning
– Sounds

Tested 1.23 Game Version

SCS, SonSamsunlu, Freddy Jimmink

DOWNLOAD 45.4 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 45.4 MB [uploadfiles]

8 thoughts on “Kenworth W900

  1. crashes game version 1.19.1s

    1. You ######??? Version 1.23

      1. Pablo Escobar

        ###? i’m playing in 1.22 and its not crashed LoL

  2. It crashes every time i go into the mechanics and go on the accessories bit. How do i fix this? Yes, i am using other mods and i am on 1.23.

  3. Doesn´t work with all Toll Booths, can´t go through second booth when driving from Reims to Paris.
    Hope you can fix it, I really liked this truck!

    1. Same here! Please, fix it.

  4. Hi
    Is there any chance to remove it from Ai Traffic and if dose than how ?

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