Kenworth w900 fixed mirror + wing

fixed-mirror fixed-mirror-2 fixed-mirror-3

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– Completely rewritten the residence of the Prime mover, orders of agencies, and also added the truck orders in the UK
– Added missing Mat files
– Added all of the drives at ATS
– Added engine with ATS
– Added original sound from CAT ATS
– Back logo Kesha
– Fixed the onboard computer, now it doesn’t conflict with the other mod from ATS (thanks so much vovang4)
The log is completely clean!!!
UPD: What I couldn’t do: remove crash when selecting the left additional mirrors on the hood, so there was no departure had to remove the registration of this mirror (pmd files are left who can rewrite .sii files) and was unable to make different sound effects for different engine, unfortunately putting different engines (MX, isx) will be the same sound CAT.
UPD(26.02.2016):fixed bonnet wing mirrors + added wing to the roof

SCS, Freddy Jimmink, Phantom94, vovang4,Stels


6 thoughts on “Kenworth w900 fixed mirror + wing

  1. Ernie2492

    Thanks, buddy..

    BTW, how to retain ETS2 rims..?

  2. Hi … I have that problem with floating cab driver . 🙁
    Look & I have the version of ETS 2.

  3. moises gallardo fernandez

    valla hombre por que siempre me sale la publicidad cuando de doy descargar archivo últimamente cada vez que bajos mods me se abre la publicidad …claro como esta escondida invisible…….que agobio…..grrrrrrr.

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