Kenworth W900 Long Remix V1.26

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– Dealershop buy in Iveco
– Black tinted windows
– New style to headlight
– Paint jobs
– Better interior style
– There are templates for channel 2 and 3
– Enabling TV dashboard computer switching
– Do not forget to to put him in the workshop, otherwise it will only sound
– For convenience, the right hood mirror works as a rear camera, but only on double mirrors

Authors in Haulin: pete379jps, Cerritos. Authors in ETS2: Convert, animation and definition in ETS2 – dmitry68 and Stas556 Sound: Kriechbaum (many thanks for your work!) Air from the maxx2504 Remix: from the style.


5 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Long Remix V1.26

  1. Good evening I have a small problem I have tv that works not

  2. biggy smalley

    Nice truck. Great interior. You mention right hood mirror displaying rear camera view. How to make work? I have tried all combination of mirrors and still not displaying rear view in right side hood mirror.
    Can you make same truck shorter please. Turning in tight spaces impossible.


  3. it works fine, almost perfect except that the left front mirror it crashes the game. the rear camera means that in the hood mirror you can see behind like in a mirror positioned above the cabin in the middle. it is only working if you upgrade the mirrors to double mirrors. with single mirrors you will see in the right hood mirror as in a normal right mirror.
    honestly I don’t see the utility of this rear camera, I prefer the normal hood mirror, especially because the mirror are quite small and difficult to look back on sharp corners without the hood mirror.
    I don’t get the trick with the TV, it’s suppose to be working? 🙂

  4. icecheats

    Why have a home if there is this truck. It is possible to live

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