Kenworth W900 v 2.0 + DLC v 2.0 to 1.23.x (Updated 4/29/2016)

Kenworth-W900-1 Kenworth-W900-3 Kenworth-W900-2

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– Buy in the DAF Motor Show
– Spelled out in traffic
– Spelled out in the orders agencies
– 3 cabins
– 4 chassis
– His sound
– Its interior (2 versions)
– Completely rewritten residence tractor, agency orders, and added truck orders in Britain (Fixed again)
– Added missing mat files
– Added all drives ATS
– Replaced all engine ATS
– Returned logo Keshi
– Fixed board computer, now it does not conflict with other modes of ATS (thank you vovangt4)
What’s New:

– Adaptation to version 1.23
– Bugs fixed
– Full support for “DLC Cabin accessories” to v 1.23.h
– Replaced all the default sound
– Added new sounds, engines and transmissions (3406E, Cat15, Cummins, IXS, N14, Paccar)

In order to avoid relegation – Sell old Kenworth W900

Test version 1.23.xx

Authors: SCS Adaptation Freddy Jimmink Corrections Phantom94, Stels Author sounds: Kriechbaum Adaptation “DLC Cabin accessories” and replacing all defaulted Sounds – Vladimir1203


10 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 v 2.0 + DLC v 2.0 to 1.23.x (Updated 4/29/2016)

  1. all game and extern paintjobs don’t work !!!

  2. You can’t have things hanging on the windshield above the steering wheel, it’s illegal to drive like that. #####.

  3. can someone help? i looked at my daf dealership and i didn’t see the kenworth their

  4. If I upgrade from Day Cab to the other bigger cabs, I can’t activate the toll booth anymore so I’m stuck and I can’t complete jobs! Please fix this

  5. Could you add Beacons in next version please
    Very nice truck

  6. Very nice Truck
    Can you add Beacons to the truck in next version

  7. can you please the kenworth t800 also make for 1.23?
    Thanks because I have it need

  8. when i buy this truck why the dlc accesories can’t display…but if i take the other interior addon dlc not include with this truck it can display?? my game version is 1.23, anyone can help me about this problem?

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