Kenworth W990 And Peterbilt 387 v 1.0 for 1.34-1.35.x

Kenworth W990 And Peterbilt 387 For ETS 1.32-1.31 . This mod is not perfect and may crash your game at times when going to the scania dealer. If you may not know, the file for this peterbilt was “damaged / corrupted” meaning that us modders can not open the file. I managed to get around this but left some problems.
—————————————————————————————————————————-= Standalone
= Trailer Cable support
= 3 Types of Cabins
= 18 Chassis Options
= A large number of engines and transmissions
= 8 Interiors
= A large number of tuning
When you enter the truck dealer once you enable the mod DO NOT move your mouse or click anything until everything has loaded in. If your game crashes like mine just restart it and it should be fine. Once it is loaded in go ahead and click configure and then right after go out of the config menu and back to the truck browser. At this point instead of the truck name being N/A it should now be Peterbilt 281-351 Day Cab. From there you can click configure and set up your truck as you wish. Enjoy!
PS. I did not add anything to the truck but simply just updated it to 1.33-1.34 and also this is only “Beta” because im working on a fix for getting the crashed fixed and the name of the truck in the truck browser fixed.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Tested on profile with default ETS 2 maps (including Oregon DLC) and default ETS 2 trucks.



6 thoughts on “Kenworth W990 And Peterbilt 387 v 1.0 for 1.34-1.35.x

  1. for me it doesn’t work .. the truck is not present in any retailer .. I tried to load only this MOD but it didn’t work.

    1. =For ETS 1.32-1.31=

      =simply just updated it to 1.33-1.34=
      Can you tell us, what you did to update ?
      Which Files you changed ?

      In ALL the Files nothing changes. Every File is from January 2018,
      19. and 20.01.2018, Manifest and Read and the Image not inside. 🙁

  2. I+only+install+this+mod+but+when+u+go+to+a+Scania+dealer+the+truck+don’t+appear…

  3. jack55123

    no steering wheel

  4. I don’t seem to find it in the scania dealer and I still havent unlocked all of the dealers because I am trying to play “fairly”. So idk what to do help please, so far I have checked Scania, Mercedes, Iveco, Renault. But it does appear on the quick jobs though.

  5. What a mess of a mod lol. Just dont download guys. One day we will have modders who actually care about quality control and polishing and things will be different.

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