Kilroy TrafficMod V9 patch 1.15x


TrafficMod ai only (Car, Truck, Bus ETS2 1.15.x all Map’s DLC)

The Mod’s contained herein is not changed
but only together and work with all maps.
It was important to bring more variety in traffic.

assembled Mod’s and vehicles:

for example.
– Some trucks ETS2-141-Realistic AI Traffic Mod ver 2-by-Scanreg
– vehicle_TDU
– Various cars from the Grand_Canyon_mod
– Various cars from the Eastern Bloc
– C-class police
– Sprinter ambulance
– Ducato police all countries
– BMW X3 / X5 BMW / VW BUS Caravelle, Buli
– Sprinter UPS, TNT, DHL etc.
– Sprinter Long Version
– Changed the light vehicles
– Changing speed of traffic
– Various new car
– All the versions truck traffic and car traffic from jazzycat
– Renault Kangoo
– Snow Vehicle Henki

and much more

– If in your profile Mod’s other traffic should be
then you will not mitladen otherwise it may crash or get errors
Not need any extra vehicles in traffic should be available.

The mod is a private project and therefore I am not responsible
on any game crashes or other problems that could trigger the MOD.

—– It is forbidden to use this MOD commercially .—–

It is encouraged to have fun with it and also want to adjust according to their own

HarryTuttle, Jazzycat, valera_t, AlligatorSE, Scanreg George Gold CZ, Jennenz,
SCS, Sinclair, nkuh, Atak_Snajpera, Srele, EoF, tacsi68, solaris36. Henki et al

itself would anyone feel ignored or has questions, I ask this to contact me !!


20 thoughts on “Kilroy TrafficMod V9 patch 1.15x

  1. Note: there are DL two-part download. When 2-Part Download unzip only the Part 1, the second is automatically unpacked.

    Merry Christmas @ all

  2. Well you have only taken oher peoples mods Tumbhs down!

    1. and now ?

      merry christmas my friend 😉

  3. thanks and merry christmas

  4. Hello, do you think possible to add randoms traffic jam, please? For instance, because of accident.

    1. sorry it´s not possible for now.

  5. Thanks for another great mod.
    can we use it with game version 1.14.2 ?
    or only from game version 1.15x

    1. test it. but I’m not sure.

      1. thanks for reply .
        don`t have to test it anymore
        TSM Map is ready for 1.15X

  6. How fast the traffics drives now?

  7. hi, hope you can recheck part1 uploaded please.

    Boths are for part2 file. tq

    1. what do you mean?. with the downloads, everything is ok.

      1. hope you can change the link of

        Its show part2 link not part1 link.

  8. Video ?

    1. make a video and we all like to look at 😉

  9. how can I take this truck ” Snow Vehicle Henki ” out?

  10. When I use your mod with Jazzy cats ai traffic & truck packs, I was not able to see any trucks on the road. I don’t know what the problem is but i was only seeing cars.

  11. your download link doesn’t work please change i like your trafficmod

  12. Elitesquad Modz

    I have got questions can I ask them to you on email?
    My email is [email protected]

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