Kinder Trailer

This is a new Kinder Trailer!

– Standalone
– Cargo: Kinder Chocolate
– Including AI Traffic

VS Mods


4 thoughts on “Kinder Trailer

  1. Kinder bueno

    Not kinder :S

    1. ALL the Skins from Nico exists since long time.
      I will say nothing, but for me it´s a bit bizarre.
      Saw them with jazzycat, fred_be and other Modders and in better Quality.
      He is not intelligent enough to make Packs, he prefers to spam the Site so other good Mods going down. 🙁 ;-(

      @Richard- He knows nothing from Ferrero… LOL

  2. And to think you of being intelligent always has to criticize like that

    1. YES, nico, because you will not learning to do it better and also to merge your Skins to one Pack.

      Why? Nobody likes to have too much Mods in the Mod-Manager and to have to scroll until a Cramp in his Fingers.

      Ask somebody, if you need Help. 😉

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