Kinematic Reshade Reborn v 1.2

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Kinematic Reshade offers some changes in the visual section of the game so that you can enjoy a more realistic and pleasant experience in your travels.

It reduces the fogging and blurring effect of the game, increases the contrast between light and shadow and balances the colour for a more natural feel. In addition, the subtle use of chromatic aberration takes the level of detail to another level, both day and night.

Details and more information in the official website:

Do not reupload the file and keep the link to the web!

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6 thoughts on “Kinematic Reshade Reborn v 1.2

  1. Krystian

    How to implement this modification for ETS2 because I do not know how to install it

  2. TheNuvolari

    Looking nice!

  3. How to install to get it working?

  4. Soul_Less

    You will need Reshade from in order to use this.

  5. Here you have a installing tutorial

  6. Shashank DA

    Bro showing 404 error.

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