King of the road sign


King of the Road led sign in cabin.

dbülow, MaxSchroeter1


33 thoughts on “King of the road sign

  1. it’s not the right link

  2. bad link! this is volvo.scs

  3. johnnyboy56

    How do i change the colour of the led?

    1. U can’t. And it’s only working on standard scs Scania.

  4. Gordon Gekko

    There is a wrong file called “Volvo” inside, if i download this. 🙁
    If i open the file it looks like a Skin or a modification for the Volvo.

    Can you fix this ?

    – Hier ist einen offensichtlich eine falsche Datei verlinkt worden.
    Wenn ich es downloade habe ich einen Skin oder eine Modifikation für einen Volvo.
    Könnt ihr das bitte berichtigen ? –

  5. always wanted to have this, just hope it works with my mods.

  6. GordonGekko

    If I download this, i have a file called “Volvo”.
    Please fix this.

  7. how do I apply it?

  8. the file and all it contents is for volvo, did you upload the wrong file?

  9. U all now got my private Volvo.. Just love mediafire 🙁

    But the right link is:

  10. But there is a bug in that lightsign i need to fix.. So now its not working for everybody :/

  11. Gordon Gekko

    Thank you for the right link.
    It Looks great.
    Can you make this for the cabins of Kytos Megamod ?

  12. I think he’s mod is locked.

  13. pitty , won`t work with the 50K Scania R2008.

    1. oh really!! dont you read comments?????????????

      dbulow says:
      November 24, 2013 at 10:40 am
      U can’t. And it’s only working on standard scs Scania.

      1. I don`t need your comments Mak-Gayver

  14. Not working

  15. It works great on standard chassis, too bad it doesn’t work on truck shop chassis.

    Could you make this mod as a new object that you can add to the truck like a lightbar or similar, in that way it would be possible to use it on different chassis, right?

    1. I will try to do that 🙂

  16. Hello, it is such a great mod!
    Can you make it works on Dallyborr’s SCANIA R Reworked V3 mod?
    It is an unlocked mod (if you cannot find an unlocked version of it, i have a link to send you so
    you can edit your mod for that).
    Thank you bud n’ congrats for the mod!

  17. Retarded man delete Ets2 noob,game farmville!!!

    1. trucker richy

      Zio Jessy. I don’t see you making any mods, so do yourself a favour and give constructive comments, not dumbass comments. These people make these mods and they take time to make. You think you can do better, then show us that you can do better, otherwise shut your mouth

      Have fun all

      Trucker Richy

  18. trucker richy

    Oh and before any of you ###### make comments about my comments on the TSM maps….I still think they are #### for 1 perfectly good reason….They mess their maps up by making too much other stuff that you have to use in order for the map to work properly…..If the makers just concentrated on the map alone it would have been fine, but no, thay had to add a ton of #### they didn’t need to add and made it worse…The Scandinavia map team made a brilliant mod and it works well because they never added all the other #### that the TSM team added, plus the Scandinavian map team kept their map aimed at EURO TRUCK SIM 2, and they continue to add to it with more cities in France, Spain,Portugal and Ireland coming soon. All the TSM team have done is add countries outside of EUROPE, since when was EGYPT a part of EUROPE?. I don’t rate the TSM team on that basis. But I do value their work as a team. I don’t download their work because I don’t agree with it. They have clearly worked hard to make a mod that people will enjoy. I don’t like it myself but others will… what I am trying to say here is, if you don’t like it, don’t download it, it’s that simple

  19. Hi dbulow, you think you can do si it work with truckshop and megastore from kyto?

    best regards

  20. I’m working on it guys 🙂 I’m adding it to small mirror, then it’ssshould work with every different Scania trucks 🙂

  21. Nice,let us know how it goes 🙂

  22. zrób do tych wszystkich truck schop-ów żeby działało 🙂

  23. how to attach in game? were do i find it?

  24. MaxSchroeter1

    My Work With Zmodeler 2.2.2
    Download on
    z3d only

  25. does it work with all scania now?

  26. My privat mod

    Hey This is my privity mod Please all delete this mod MFG Jan

  27. TCab ScaniaFan24

    will it work on a t cab truck or just normal scania truck

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