Klaas’ Economy Mod v 1.5.0

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General features
– The minimum income is approx. 0.40€/km for Quickjobs and at
least 0.70€/km for Freightmarket jobs.
– Due to low income, fuel economy and truck damage are very
important and you should maintain them as low as possible. A single accident can cause you big problems.
– Truck wear & tear damage has been reduced.
– AI Drivers will generate minimum 100€/day. (income will increase
with AI skills)
– New loan system, which will increase your loan limit at every
– New fines system, fines will increase at every level. (up to level
– Fuel discount for garage set to 20%
– Truck refund value set to 75%
– Abandoned job fine set to 1.200€
– Driver hire cost set to 300€
– Experience for each level has been increased.
– The bank will allow you to buy a truck at level 8, when the loan
limit hits 100.000€. Until then you will have to make Quickjobs

– Economy adjustments. (Income has been reduced)
– Bank loans adjustments. (Daily payment have been reduced)



4 thoughts on “Klaas’ Economy Mod v 1.5.0

  1. Truck damage is extremely low to the point you dont have to care about it. I bumped on many cars on the way and paid less then 1k.

    The loan payments should be higher too, i got the 100k loan and im paying less then 1k a day an earning 15k a day with the new truck. Its much less then the orignal which was already low.

  2. will this work on 1.28 version?

  3. update, please

  4. Why are the mod are openening i will editing the mod.i will not uploded the edit mod.Teh mod edit is for me alone

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