Klaas’ Flags Expansion V1.5.0


All right reserved to Klaas . Please do not repost this mod.
Contact: [email protected]
Use contact adress for bugs or any suggestions.

This mod adds a flag for each company from the game.
You can request a flag on Steam Workshop or via contact adress, it will be added in future updates (make sure you provide an image of the flag)

What does include this mod?
– 61 flags of In-game companies (including DLC France and DLC Scandinavia companies)
– 12 flags of Netherlands Provinces
– 16 flags of Germany States
– 24 flags of Metropolitan regions of France
– 50 flags of US States
– 8 flags of Truck Logos. (2xVolvo, Scania, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, DAF, Iveco)
– 21 flags of Swedish counties
– 22 flags of Canadian Provincies, Territories and Franophone peoples
– Flags of USSR, EU, Orkney Island, Acadia, McSteel SoluTrans

Total flags: 219



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