KLM cargo skin (old)

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JUNE SKIN VOTE : WInner is KLM truck skin!!!
So here is the KLM truck skin for ets 2 DAF XF 105 and trailer!
I hope you enjoy these mods, wich are hard work and a lot of time to make!



4 thoughts on “KLM cargo skin (old)

  1. truckerhans

    where is the base mod? there is no link to it – its useless then

    1. No YOU are
      I thought everybody knew how to install mods …
      This is the DEFAULT DAF XF 105 of ETS2
      Just put this into your mod folder and it will work do not forget to activate it.

  2. phantom309


    1. Nope look at the reply above, it will give you ALL you need to know AND frankly, i even gave proof that this is not fake , look at the video above.(if you made mods you would not like people saying that to you would you)

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