Koegel Cargo Pack

Koegel-1 Koegel-2 Koegel-3

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Tested Versions: 1.20, 1.21, 1.22 beta
This mode adds 15 Koegel Trailers to game.

Authors: Blade1974, byRaDupAuLo, Micha-BF3


11 thoughts on “Koegel Cargo Pack

  1. greektrucker

    Is it standalone?

  2. It’s nice, but I have that error: [dx9] Texture (texture_base) not found in material (/vehicle/trailer_eu/flatbed_savc/Default_Material.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/dif/shd/decal_fallback_fblend_forward.sm3x.fso)

    Tested on new profile, and when I add this pack I have only these trailers in traffic ;/

    Tested on 1.22 beta

    1. solaris36

      It’s not adapted to new game versions. Mod is for 1.18.x or less.

      1. Mod is tryed and tested on 1.20 1.21 1.22 its your problem

        1. jake_the_snake

          It’s the same pack that was uploaded few months ago, even the traffic trailer definitions have the same bugs as in the previous pack.

  3. Dobermaan_Fr

    Utilisation fauduleuse d’élements créé par SAVOYARD CUSTOM. A voir avec lui, mais le moindre des respects serait de supprimer le post, et à l’avenir de demander l’autorisation non?

    1. LeVivariens

      C’est vous qui dites sa alors que vous utiliser des mods à Pitt ?

      1. Jean Jacques

        Benoît il t’en reste un peu sur le bord de la bouche

    2. LeVivariens

      Et avant de parler rembourse lui les 400€ 🙂

  4. solaris36

    Trailer traffic definition is wrong and so all traffic trailers disappear.
    You must learn to addapt mods to work on new game versions. IT’S YOUR PROBLEM.
    Stop upload obsolete and incorrect mods.

  5. Savoyard Custom

    you share a bad mod and more you forget my credits ! good job man . Just for information, i did 2 mods, 1 for 1.18 other for 1.20, you have chosen the wrong lool !!!!

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